Fake Those Sexy Abs!

OK.. I'm actually going to start on a series of exercise videos soon. And I'm looking for a sports/fitness related sponsor, as well as personal trainers to be part of this project. Will start with workout videos. Then if it's successful, will branch into other sporting activities ... like an episode on wake boarding/ kiteboarding/ rockwall climbing etc!

(For those who have emailed and messaged me, thank you, I am still deciding on what exactly I want to do and how I want it done, so I will contact you soon)

But for today, I just thought I would have a little fun trying to shade in ab definition! heee.

I'll show you how to do it on yourself in this video. :)

Maybe more applicable for boys than girls, cos I think it's easier to shade abs onto a guys body than it is for a girl's. Girls tend to have less definition to work with. But, still, it's fun to try!

(No comments on anorexia or whatever please... *rolls eyes*. I'm not that skinny! Just that some photo camera angles, esp with my arm stretched out to take my own pic, makes me look skinnier and my collar bone will pop and my head look huge. But in the whole proportion of things, I am ok, I feel.)


  1. Anonymous12:54 am

    Not anorexic la! People who ya anorexic probably have to go up the bus sideway.

  2. Muahaha.. Were you just making this up as you went along? "When you do the sides, you wanna fan outwards.." Hur hur.. Love it. :)

    And by the way, this is so reminiscent of Breaking the Magicians' Code: Secrets Revealed. Except it's breaking the bodybuilders' code. There's gonna be a whole lot of angry beefed up men and women out there. Better watch your back.

  3. ya.. of course... hurhurhur... but looks good rite!?!


  4. I'm sure at least 1 person is trying this out after watching it haha. I just wonder if guys with one big pack will be attempting this kekeke

  5. Anonymous12:38 pm

    just my opinion but i think you look better w/o the makeup on the abs? it's like the shaded parts are too dark..

    ps: google "youtube pursebuzz fake abs"

  6. @anon 12.38 - dark so it'll be visible on camera. :) and no.. I dont go around with make up on my body .. i shot this vid cos i was bored yesterday and it was just for a bit of a laugh :)

  7. Ok, so i hope you don't actually do this before you go to the beach. It's just plain weird!! haha.

    Anyway, its treasure trail.

  8. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Hi Holly,
    I'm looking forward to your next post on working-out! It's so great that you're prolly the only local blogger I know who highlights balancing beauty with exercise.

  9. Anonymous10:19 pm

    looks really fake.

  10. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Haha.. very entertaining video!

    You don't need to shade your abs!! You have great abs! Argh!!!

  11. your bod is hot!!

    I would kill to have a body like yours but i'm too lazy to work out/watch what I eat .. . okay this comment is pointless I know but whatever.


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