A Dose of Cuteness

I was ill most of last week and didn't do much...But I did however, manage to sort out part of my wardrobe.

This is Lola sleeping on the pile of clothes and shoes I'm getting rid of. She was sleeping so restfully.. look at that face :)

But I woke her up because I found a dusty old doll's hat which I simply HAD to put on her tiny head.
Oh soooo cute! :) OK that's all.. just wanted to share that with you tonight. :)

(P/S- big thank you to all those who commented/emailed me about HK. I've decided to stay at Butterfly at Morrison, at CausewayBay because it near the MTR. Can't wait!! Whoo hoo!)

(P/S- My new columns on MyfatPocket.. if you wanna read about Holiday Flings Click Here, and Things You Must Do Before You Marry Click here)


  1. getting rid of those clothes? why not give them away to readers! :D

  2. no la.. these are just old stuff, will just bag it and give to salvation army...

    But I will def be doing more sponsored giveaways from now on though... :)

  3. Love your Things You Must Do Before You Marry article. So helpful! Thank you so much!!! XO

  4. I agree... those ponka dots heels looks a bit too good to be donated. YUMS... hee.. :)

  5. Anonymous10:43 am

    Is Lola a maltese or terrier?

  6. @Qiqi... I knowwwww... but the problem with those heels is tht is has bite marks all over because Lola chewed on them. haha

    @anon10.43 - both. She's a Mini Morkie. That's yorkshire terrier and maltese mix.

  7. :) When i look at your dog, makes me feel like getting one too. How old is she?

  8. Heels Lover/Hater7:01 pm

    Yooohooo Hollyyy... gentle reminder that you promised to write a post on secrets of strutting around in killer heels. have really been looking forward to that one, pretty pleaseee make it happen??

  9. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Hey Holly!

    You booked the hotel already? you should stay at The Cityview Hotel!! 4 star hotel 2 mins walk to Yaumatei MTR, very convenience and the hotel is like surrounded by shopping area and foods!!! and is walking distance to Temple St or Ladies St.!

    Most importantly!! there is this airport shuttle services available for this hotel! you can save your cab fare from airport!! all you need to do is to purchase the 2 way airport express with 3 days unlimited MTR services(is about HKD300) at the airport!!

    remember to visit Chao Inn@ Mongkok!! walking distance from Cityview!! and the dimsum is nice and cheap!!!must go there b4 9am to enjoy the ambiance of yumcha!!!

    let me know any other thing else...



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