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A lot of people are surprised to find out that when I resigned from teaching 2 years ago, I didn't make money from writing or blogging yet.
So, they think it's an awfully brave thing to do, quit a well paying job without a back up job. But it wasn't a brave move. It was hardly a blind leap of faith! (I am not that crazy!)

I would never have done it if I didn't have good financial planning. I had enough liquid funds to survive at least a year very comfortably if I didn't have any income at all. And this gave me the reassurance that I could focus on my passion for a year and try to make it work.

And I am so glad I did, everything is working out now and I am happy.

I cannot imagine myself back in a rigid job. It's just not me.

A lot of people see Financial Consultants as persistent salesmen trying to push you to buy plans. Of course there are such low-lifes out there (they are in every profession). It's important to find a consultant whom you trust and is competent... don't let those few rotten eggs put you off financial planning.

Ok.. before I digress's post is about a career in Financial Consultancy. So if you're looking for a new career or a part time job to earn extra income, today's post is for YOU.

LY Group is hiring Financial Consultants.

Job scope of a Financial Consultant:

· Assisting clients in establishing financial independence and security
· Understanding the needs of clients to evaluate investment opportunities
· Providing solutions and advice on retirement planning, wealth management and risk assessment
· Expanding company’s clientele network by cultivating strategic client relationships

The life of a Financial Consultant in LY Group:
- At the LY Group, they believe in developing their consultants in the areas of competency (so you can make the best possible recommendations for your clients) and soft-skills (so you will be able to relate to clients well).

Which is great because I disagree with financial consultancies which go for the hard sell approach.. (leeches!)

They have won many awards and are building a name you can trust.

- There is professional development through training by accomplished trainers
- You enjoy flexible working hours as you manage your own schedule. This allows you to have a fulfilling and rewarding career which does not compromise on the intangibles in life such as spending time with your family & loved ones.

- The remuneration package is great as you're not restricted by any salary ceiling. You're in charge of how much you can earn. The more passionate and dedicated you are, the more successful you will be. (They have different pay schemes. There's a solely commission based and an allowance package that begins from $1.5k a mth.)

- Mentorship & Guidance. At LY Group, there is an open, friendly and supportive work culture

- It's a very young, dynamic and vibrant company.

- They believe in maintinaing a high staff morale and have many team bonding activities.

- There are excellent career advancement opportunities where good performance will be rewarded with promotions, thus allowing recruitment of people and generation of passive income streams

- Meeting clients from all walks of life to assist them in managing their financial portfolio

- Top 20% of sales force will also be rewarded with overseas incentive trips which include places such as Europe, America, and Japan
This is a career that will take you places.

· Possess at least 4 GCE ‘O’ Level passes (Fresh graduates are welcome to apply)
· Applicants must be Singapore Citizens or Singapore PR
· Above 21 years of age

If you're interested, here's your opportunity to interact with the LY Group Financial Consultants to glean valuable insights from their personal experiences and find out more about financial consultancy as a career
· Free KOI bubble tea and snacks will be provided
· RSVP at their Facebook group:

Join their Facebook group

Interested applicants who are unable to attend the event can contact them at

Any other queries can also be directed to

If you're looking for a job or a career change, don't miss out on this event. :)


  1. Anonymous1:05 am

    Hey hun it's abbie :). You're right about your post about being a finace consultant. I don't know if it's the same in Singapore as it is here but I'm a finance broker and I've never regretted this career change. Once someone's done well after a year, you can hire a PA to do all the paperwork while the broker runs around to "lodge" more loans. It's great for relationships as well if the partner,like mine,is working in hospitality. :) Good choice hun.

  2. Hi Abbie!

    I haven't taken on a new career or anything ( is tht what u thought?)

    But I am helping to spread the work tht LY group is hiring consultants... so my mid career/ fresh grad readers might want to know more about it.


    Am glad ur happy being a finance broker ( in Perth right?) :D

  3. hi Jean,

    financial planner aren't that bad or mean as some might thot. ive a caring planner for me... and i intend to invest more with her.


  4. Anonymous9:00 am

    how much is th commission? whats the total can earn?

  5. I don't know commission rates and earnings anf stuff.. but perhaps u cld spk to someone from LY group? their email is in the post.

  6. hey hj, are u sure uve not earned money thro blogging nor writing?? I mean uve lotsa ads on ur blogs n not to forget sponsors. Youve gotten all these modelling gigs and had written for couple of papers/websites. Sorry if this came across as too personal, Im currently persuing my passion now. Gave up a gd career and well... just curious i guess. :)

  7. @ Sam, Huh? I think you've misunderstood the line "..when I resigned from teaching 2 years ago, I didn't make money from writing or blogging yet.

    Of course I earn money through blogging and writing.. it's my Full Time Job now!

    What tht line meant was - 2 years ago, when I quit teaching, I wasn't earning $ Through blogging yet. but I was still able to qui teaching because of proper financial planning which allowed me to make sure I had cash on hand to surive in case following my passion and blogging didn't work out after a year.

    But It did work out afterall.

    [sorry, i thought It was clear in my post. didn't mean to mislead anyone!]

  8. hey hj thanks for the clarification. Sorry about that, perhaps u shd know i always read ur blog literally in bed in wee hours of morning so might have misterpreted it somehow.

    But hey it's really good to know ya doing well. Ive always liked stories about following one's passion, it's indeed motivating n inspiring.

  9. hey Sam.. no prob.

    (and there's no need to apologise!)

    Am very glad ur following ur dreams too. I wish u all the best!


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