I Shall Call You... Magnum XL!

Pet names. Terms of endearment.

I've never been good at coming up with them.... but I do love them. Call me childish but I guess I've never been a call-you-by-your-first-name type of girl.

I used to call my ex Mark in the past -Biscuit, and Biccy (short for biscuit). (And of course Darling/Bubba/Baby)

He had a tonne of nicknames for me- Horry, Horrus, Bob (because I am like Bob The Builder around the house), Fatty, FuckFace (jokingly of course), Poppit (my favourite.. because it was always said lovingly).

A previous BF used to call me Chenki. Short for Chenkle Berry Doughnut. He even put it on a key ring for me... and people started asking if that was my Chinese name ... Chen K.I. haha :)

Obviously, I know that couples don't NEED specific terms of endearment for one another, but I can't help but think that a nickname that only your significant other uses is special.

Unfortunately, I am really crap at nicknaming... and usually end up calling everyone Babe (when just dating, and not serious yet)... and then usually it moves to Bubba/Baby/Darling (when it's exclusive/serious)... HOW BORING!

What about you? Do you and your SO have terms of endearment for one another? How did you come up with them?


Jimbo said…
I used to call my ex 'Oi!' and 'Eh Hello?'.
As in Oi! Can you pass me a roll of toilet paper pls.
And Eh Hello? I told you 2 sugars, not 3!.

Needless to say i dumped her after 3 months. Her coffee making skills were crap and she never bought toilet paper when we ran out, you know, things a woman Should do.
jujube! said…
I call my BF Doobie and he calls me Jujube.
Anonymous said…
angel face because i met the girl and she was one of the most beautifulest girls out there
anna said…
my husband calls me Belleza and it means beautifl in Italian.

LMAO at FuckFace... you and Mark sure are strange!
Anonymous said…
wha lau Jimbo that's damn bad.
I wonder what your ex GF called you!

I call my now Bf - Boo Bear. and e dun really have a nick for me, usually is dear.

Last bf and me had matching nickname, he calls me mini and i call him micky!
Anonymous said…
I call my BF Dear, Prawn, Bubu, Teddy Bear...
Yasmin said…
I call my hubby, "mahal" which means "love" in Tagalog. But it also means "expensive" in Malay!
Lil tiger said…
hmm...all my chinese ex-es , i called them by their names till i met an ang mo guy which i called him , "monghead"

monghead - a random word, used as an insult, with a meaning along the same lines as retard, but perhaps less harsh and serious

it was meant to be a joking way or rather an inside joke.

he called me little tiger as i am petite BUT i can literally "roar" in anyway :)

use your imagination!*wink*
Anonymous said…
I am his Superstar & he is my Superman ;-) how matching! lol...
Holly Jean said…
@Jimbo- maybe she did all tht on purpose so you would think that this whole break up thing was your idea :D

@anon4.49 & jujube & yasmin & anon5.15 & vivianism--- awww thts sweet!!!!

@ lil tiger- incidentally .. one of my teachers called me Lil Dragon while I was in school.... (but non sexual)..he gave it to me because he was passing in front of my desk as I was crossing/uncrossing my legs and I kicked him in the shin! haha..

I liked tht nickname!
Anonymous said…
well, i call my husband dickhead after being with him for 10 years.
Anonymous said…
My boyfriend and I call each other fuckface too! Other than that, the usual baby, huni etc

I liked how my ex always calls me bad girl though. He usually calls me that when he wants some in bed ;)
Socky aka Pearlin said…
My bf's name is ren and i'm yun in chinese.

so i kinda flip it backwards to nerner and nuynuy to make it special to engrave on our rings =D

And this is the best nickname i've came up with ^^ both of us love it alot
Anonymous said…
Wow, you guys are sure creative! We just couldn't decide whether to just call each other "dear" or "darling". So we ended up with "dearling". :)
Anonymous said…
Before marriage, it was ernie and elmo. Not fetish, just an online quiz that categorizes us into different Sesame Street characters :)..

Now, it's just "CO" and "Corp". It simplifies communication for us. For me, just yell "fall-in" and he appears. For him, Rule no. 1 applies - "CO is always correct".
Jolyn said…
My boyfriend calls me Momo because my surname is Mo. Other than that, he calls me my chinese name, because everyone else only calls me by my english name. I call him by his chinese name too, because everyone knows him by his english name only.
bekAndy said…
Previously i used to call my bf 'AH-DEAR'
Cuz we were so darn shy at first, that it was awkward to call him just 'dear'
Come to think of it, he doesnt have a pet name for me~ and im gonna question him later. =P
Anonymous said…
i call him "Norwegian Salmon" which was basically an insult because he referred to himself as an Italian stallion and I rolled my eyes and just said, "Oh come on, you're no stallion.. you're just a salmon, a norwegian salmon."

He calls me "My little Breadcrumbs." Oh how much do I miss that. I'm 5'7" but when he calls me that, I feel so petite, so small. lol. I think it's endearing. Sigh.

- S
Holly Jean said…
awwww... S... it does sound precious. (The breadcrumbs one, not the salmon)
Holly Jean said…
Just re reading this archived post, and I am smiling at all your comments abt pet names :)

Just to update, GB and I do have pet names... and it came so easily for me this time (rather than the usual Baby, darling sweetheart.. i used to use in the past)

I call him Puppy.
And he calls me Honey Bunny

love it.