Sex & Soho

SoHo is a popular neighborhood in New York. It used to be an industrial area but in the 1960’s, an influx of artists transformed this area into a hip and fashionable district. Today, it's a very chic and trendy area to shop, eat, party and live in.

And who are my all time favourite icons who exemplify the SoHo style? The girls from Sex & The City of course!!

Here are my favourite pieces from clubcouture's Secrets of Soho Collection that remind me of my favourite fab 4. (If you're interested in the item, just click to go to the prodt page. First time at ClubCouture? Quote code HOLLYJ15 for 15% off)

Carrie/SJP's casual style is oh so chic. I love that she plays up her petiteness with this Boyfriend Cardigan.

She looks cute dressed down and yet so elegant when she dresses up. Drape dresses give oomph to a petite frame.

Samantha on the other hand may not be as elegant but she oozes sexuality and sensuality through her pores. A Bodycon dress with peekaboo details is a guaranteed show stopper.

Oh sweet Charlotte :) She's all about the florals, soft pastels and lace... I adore her girlish charm.

Soho style doesn't have to be all simple chic and bohemian looking... in fact it can be super chic and luxe. A splash of gold gives Samantha a classy and glamorous look.

When she's not in her manly suits, Miranda shows her softer side with satin, pastles, and more feminine clothes. I think peachy pink would look better on her than champagne though...

Short full skirts look great on Carrie as they make her legs look longer (those 5 inch heels help too!). Full skirts are playful, flirty and feminine looking.

Accessories are a must for the Soho look. Oversize sunglasses, scarves, wide leather belts, bangle bracelets and big bags!!

Check out the Secrets of Soho collection girls, and find your very own Soho Style!


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