A Place to Drink & Chill & Watch WORLD CUP!

Asmara Lifestyle Group has a little lifestyle cluster tucked away in the idyllic Bishan Park.

(The exact address is Bishan Park II, 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 569931 )

Last week, I was invited to check the place out. ( I took Magic A/ Mr A with me... henceforth just known as just Andy). The whole place is like a mini natural utopia of sorts! There is the Aramsa Garden Spa...

It's beautiful and soooo tranquil. It feels like an island resort, I forget that I am actually in the heartlands! I am impressed with their spa facilities and will be back there soon as I have a free signature Touch Massage to go for (UP $98/60mins). [www.aramsaspas.com]

There is also The Green Room café (a vegetarian restaurant) and Canopy, an Australian-styled cafe & restaurant, creating a truly holistic lifestyle offering.

But my favourite bit is the new bar, which they're going to name Middle Rock... after the big boulder that is smack in the middle of the bar.

The Asmara philosophy is to live in harmony with nature.... so things there are kept as natural as possible. By the way, my jeans are new (cos all my old ones don't fit now, except an old pair of white skinnies)... this new pair was only $29 from the kids section of NewLook (313somerset)! And my shoes were 10 bucks from Cotton On! Cheapie :) The tank top I matched it with is from ClubCouture.

You can sit indoors under the canopy or outdoors and enjoy the breeze.
I love how the place feels so cozy and so natural... like I'm in a huge treehouse. Think we'll be back here to watch some World Cup matches...

Ooh... There's the World Cup Lucky Dip there. Every $80 spent entitles you to a shot at guessing the winning team. At the end of each match, those who guessed correctly will stand a chance to win a Hoegaarden beer tower worth $75 in a lucky dip.


The Asmara group is also having the
Dad of the Year Awards

Nominate a candidate in one of the following four categories by posting a photo on
Asmara Lifestyle’s Facebook page and a brief write-up on the ‘wall’ saying why he should win in a specific category:

Most Dedicated Dad – For the dad who has dedicated his life – even putting his own needs last – to the joy and well-being of his family
Super-Single Dad – In memory of William Smart and other dads who have undertaken the herculean task of raising the family s a single-dad
Handsomest Dad – A fun category for handsome dads out there
Most Excited Soon-to-be Dad – An honourary award for the men whose wives are pregnant and are going to great lengths to prepare for the birth of their child

There are great prizes in store for Dads! And also a Father's Day promo dinner going on too. Check out their Facebook Page for more info.


  1. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Never knew Bishan park has such a place! I am not a park person, so I never checked it out before.

    Definitely will check out Middle Rock bar now. Cool. Thanks Holly

  2. jessie6:31 am

    can i confess? I miss your blog on YOU. things you thought and things you did and your dating life and your experiences.

    it's a lot of advertising these days girl! feels like i'm watching a blogful of commercials!

    just saying...

  3. celestina9:40 am

    I totally agreed with Jessie... :{

  4. wasn't paid for this post.. just thought the place might interest my readers ( it is a lifestyle blog !) :)

    But i totally understand what you mean... and I have purposely not blogged abt my relationships/dating over the past few weeks. Because things are not very stable, and it's in early stages.. i don't want to jinx it.. and i dont want to get someone wrapped up in my online life, only to have him chewed up (by critical readers) and spat out ... and then have the r'ship not work out as well.


    It's tough. But of course when things get more stable, or if it fails miserably, I will share with you what's going on.

  5. Anonymous1:30 am

    argh i didn't catch u at asmara! =(

  6. huh?? I didn't go there today. Today I was at nandos!!! :D blogging abt it tonight

  7. Anonymous2:43 am

    haha nah i mean.. i work there at the spa, but it was my off day!!! damn.. hope to see u there the next time. =D


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