Of Cougars and Kittens

Are the type of people we find attractive already pre-determined since we were born? Is it in our genes or do we just develop our preferences through life experiences and influences?

I am a Kitten. Which means I date older men. Growing up, I always found older men attractive... from my University Professors to older actors ( the likes of Al Pacino, Harrison Ford... yum). And over the last few years, apart from having a serious relationship with Mark , I also have been dating older men ( usually about 10 years older).

Hell, just 2 weeks ago when I went to watch A-TEAM, Bradley Cooper who played Face was incredibly good looking and had the most piercing blue eyes... but it was Liam Neeson (Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith!!!) who made me go ... *mmmmmmmmmmmmmm* ( that's the sound of pleasure btw, similar to the sound I made when I first had and fell in love with foie gras, no kidding)

The opposite of a kitten is a cougar. A cougar is a woman who dates a younger man. By the way, if you're dating someone only a few (5 or less) years older or younger... it doesn't count.. I think +/- 5 years is practically the same age.

I find the prospect of dating a man younger than me highly unappealing. (e.g. a 23 year old boy!) I don't think it will ever happen... I'm not sure why... I think it's because I like being the baby in the relationship. I like men who make me feel secure, and protected.

But what I have found through dating this year is that older men come with significantly more baggage... be it an ex wife, or kids, and it is true that the older he is, the more stuck to old habits and mind sets he will be.

Will I see the end of my Kitten Phase and find myself attracted to a younger man? I don't know... if the right person my age comes along, I might actually go for it. But can a man who is just a few years older give me the same sense of awe, security and strength as a man who is 10plus years older? That remains to be seen.

By the way, older men who like younger women are called Rhinos. Doesn't sound flattering, I know!

I think they're called Rhinos because then tend to be horny AND ugly. The ugly part doesn't sound too appetizing, eh?

But I'll defend some of these men though, I have seen many fine looking "Rhinos" in my life. In fact, I have to say that physical attraction is key to me, so whether I am dating an older man or not, he has to look attractive (to me at least). Dating an older man doesn't mean he has a fat gut, or bald, no teeth or liverspotted (think Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons!).

Perhaps when I am 40 and still single, I might take a 28 year old puppy. A Puppy is a man under the age of 30 interested in older women. These men are highly valuable because they are tought to be still trainable (haha).

In the end, it's nothing but a number though, right?


  1. Maybe ya still young you find older men attractive. But when you get older you'll probably find the energy in the younger men very refreshing. I used to like older girls too haha.

  2. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Did you get this inspiration fresh from a TV show you just watched?

  3. u mean cougar town?

    i love tht series.

    but no la.. thts not the inspiration for this... concept of cougars has been arnd for a loong while

  4. Anonymous10:12 pm

    as if cougar and kitten are the only two options? how about 'someone around your age'?

  5. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Such an appropriate entry!

    I might be starting to get serious with a man just over twice my age. I'm 26 and he's 53 and he's no looker and he's not rich either. Thing is we truly enjoy each other's company and it's sad but I am worried about what people will say and tbh, it's family that I am most worried about!

  6. Anonymous10:44 pm

    I am in my early 20s and I love younger guys...which means some of them are probably still in JC or still in NS! But I also like older guys(but not too old, not more than an 8 year difference) and guys my age. I think I just like all guys hah!

  7. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Anonymous 10.12 . if tht's the case, then u are normal human being. no need to be any disguise animal! Lols

  8. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Why don't you suck the cock of a 70 yr old guy and see if you like that too? How about doing a 17 yr old on the same day. Please feed back on results & findings.


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