Nitty Gritty Day

Time: 10.00am
Today is an errand filled nitty gritty sort of day.
I am very glad I don't have days like these every week.. I usually stack my errands up.. and then do all in one day.
So... I will take pics every step of the way, including what I eat the whole time and will update this post throughout the day.
Should be interesting looking at one of the most mundane days of my life.
10.05am - play time with Lola. Feed Lola.

10.30 am - shower.

10.45am- pick out clothes. I am reminded that my wardrobe is a mess and needs to be sorted, again.

11am- now make up and then will leave house.... maybe will drink a sip of water before i go..damn thirsty.
---------------------- (ok, will update you on the go)
Waiting for bus number 3 to go to NTUC Income branch in Tampines. It's a nice cool day.
My first liquid for the day.. It's already noon! Looove 100Plus (drink), 80 calories. I already took the queue number for NTUC income. I surrendered on of my investment policies today ( had it for 5 freaking years, and yet I still made a total loss of 2k... but I really didn't want to keep it for another few years just to bloody break even... had enough! I'll put my money elsewhere)
Took the MRT from Tampines to Somerset... and at 313Somerset, I walked past NewLook and it was Sale time... I only bought this rose hair clip for like $3.90. Will not buy anymore clothes or shoes until wardrobe is sorted and organised :(
Then I stopped by Cotton On ( how could I not!!!??) and bought a green scarf, and pink shades. Very pleased everything fits in my ClubCouture bag... even my pink Vaio.

Went to Rupini's to get my eyebrows threaded. I think they looked better before. But Oh well! Since I was in town I thought I better just get them done.
Then I went to see Sherry at ettusais to get my ettusais loot! They're launching loads of new products soon.
Finally at 3pm... sustenance. I was craving fried chicken. But I could not find any. I settled for a Spicy Italian hotdog. It was So So. (Almost wasted calories. Almost.) Didn't eat all the bun or fries... so I am guessing 500 calories tops.
My friend Matt just finished a gym session and met me there. We were supposed to have lunch together.. but he was so hungry after gym that he ate at Paragon before meeting me at Somerset. So he just kept me company while I had lunch.
Plenty of interesting theories/concepts we came up with... from serious stuff like how I am too ana-bloody-lytical when it comes to relationships and that's why I can't meet THE ONE... and frivolous stuff like naming men after sausages ( like... ohh.. this one is the Spicy Italian... that one.. unfortunately Chipolata... the Bratwurst is big but tasteless.... the frankfurter is long but slim...), ok, I know I just made Matt sound Gay... but he's straight.
Then I took the train... and 1 hour later.. I am sat here on my bed.. updating.
Dad's working overtime today... My brother is going to pick him later, and I'll just hop along for the ride.


  1. Anonymous8:35 pm

    at least your most interesting day is more better than my day!

  2. Anonymous8:36 pm

    sorry I meant-
    at least your most boring day is more better than my day.

  3. Anonymous7:19 pm

    maybe itz time for you to sort out your clothes and sell some of it off =D

  4. It can get annoying I imagine if all you talk and whine about to your esp male friends is about your love life and how you can't meet the one and blah blah blah...

  5. @Sam. tht's what friends do. I also listen to his stories. ANd besides, I didn't twist his arm.

  6. Yes Holly! That did come off a touch gay!! Glad you corrected.. Or I'd have been crazy mad..


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