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Contest Alert! Who Wears it Best??

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Thank you for all the well wishes regarding what I blogged about yesterday. A couple of readers actually emailed to say "Congratulations" and I was like- "You mean being in the finals for the Blog Awards?" ... and both replied- no, for passing the ultrasound. Ha... some of you are just soooo sweet. :) I am ok, back to my happy self.. so no worries!

Oh.. if any of you need info on where you can go to get your ultrasounds/mammograms done etc, just drop me an email.


I thought of going to Batam for the weekend... I've been to Bintan twice, but never Batam.... just need a quick getaway. Something that doesn't need prior planning... so will just turn up at the ferry terminal tomorrow afternoon, and get tickets and go. (Can I book my ticket back to SG at the same time??)

Also... pls let me know what I can do there - where to eat? where to stay? What to do? THANKS :)


P/S- Later tonight...the RESULTS of the Holly Jean Style Make Over!


  1. Anonymous6:54 pm

    try tempat senang! its a small place by itself, the spa is pretty good
    they can arrange for taxi to send you to nagoya hills or megamall (batam centre) not much shopping there, more of relaxation ^^


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