Citrusox Summer Giveaway 2010

CitruSox is feeling generous this Summer and giving away prizes in 3 simple steps! The 3 hottest outfits each win $50 worth of Citrusox legwear!

(That means 24 pairs of socks OR 4 pairs of stockings OR 2 pairs of Korean leggings OR you get to mix & match!)

How To Take Part?

Step 2: Write on Citrusox Facebook Wall why you deserve to win

Step 3: Send in as many outfits as you like, paired up with Citrusox legwear(s) to together with your name and IC.

Closing date: 18 Jul 2010. Winners will be contacted via email on 19 Jul 2010.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces.
White Lace Leggings ( pattern code A1)

Knee High Socks in Aquamarine with purple glitter bands... Fun!

Couple Socks, ankle length, bunny design... cute!!

Citrusox are so comfy and soft... Lola loves them.

And their black and ivory pantyhose with patterns on them (pattern 110)... I loooveeee...

Look at the difference it makes to my legs. Really dresses them up!

Yes Lola.... I'll get you some CitruSox too!

You can get your Citrusox at :
Citrusox Bishan Junction 8 #01-28.
Tel: 6353 4864


Lot One #02-K5

Pushcarts :
Bugis Junction Level 1, Tampines Mall Level 4, Compass Point B1, Causeway Point Level 1, Parkway Parade B1

Go to to print the 20% discount coupon first!


  1. Anonymous2:05 am

    yayy! thanks holly for another great contest!!!! love stockings! esp the ivory one

  2. Hj, why are you always so tan? Do you go for indoor tanning in a salon or ya always having vacation or maybe chilling at the beach all the time? Don't get me wrong, I love the look.

  3. @anon2.05 - yes the ivory one is very classy looking imo.

    @Sam.. i swim, and I do tan fast... dont really burn.. just get darker and darker.. i think the key is moderate exposure, but regularly. Not burn yourself pink on sunday and then sit in the office all week. :)

  4. Anonymous9:46 pm

    How much is 1 pair of leggings at citrusox?

  5. depends on pattern/thickness... it's between 19 and 26 IIRC


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