A Brand New Gipsy Scarlet !

Gipsy Scarlet has a new revamped website! It's pink and pretty, best of all, it's easy to navigate and has additional pictures (and close ups) of all the products. It makes your online shopping experience even more wonderful now...

Do check out their 2010 Resort Mini dress which was featured on the cover of CHIC magazine Issue 14 (05 - 18 Mar 2010).

All of the products at Gipsy Scarlet are under their own label. The quality is excellent and each design comes in limited quantity.

One of the all time favourite pieces in my wardrobe is the pink zipper Chongsum I got a few months ago. It's slightly stretchy so it gives a good figure flattering fit... but it doesn't grip your body uncomfortably like a leotard.

My Purple Icicle Tube dress which I wore to a party in Bali in March is also from Gipsy Scarlet. It's a figure hugging bodycon... great party dress!

And my latest from Gipsy Scarlet is the Tiffany Dress in white. (On sale now at $23 only!)
I was going to wear it to Sunday brunch tomorrow but it got cancelled. :(
I love the frilly bib detailing... this dress is such a girly delight! I think white is a pure, clean & angelic colour to wear and it's always my first choice when picking out clothes (either white or bright colours... I tend not to like Black clothes)...

Here are a few more dresses from their latest collection which caught my eye...

To see the whole collection, check out the new Gipsy Scarlet site.

For promos/sales/updates, Follow GipsyScarlet on Twitter and Like their Facebook Page too.


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    hi there, you look a lot like jessica szohr. you can be her twin if you put on a few kg :)


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