Sunday Lemmings

Just had my Holly Jean Style Make Over yesterday!!! This is what I wore... Tri-Ribbon dress from ClubCouture. And white satin heels from Xquisis!

These pretty pair of shoes was manufactured by Xquisis. Feminine white heels... love the runched foot strap and ribbon detail around the ankles. (Also available in black)

Excellent for weddings and formal events, yet it also looks great with a casual outfit.



BelloUna is having a spree!!! (ending 31st May)

They have over 30 collections from Orly & China Glaze (only $11.50 each, free normal postage). In the states, they're as good as OPI, but I hardly find them sold here in SG. They also have the complete range for Nail Tek products, Seche Vite product and Creative products for Spa Manicure And Pedicure. Woot!

The latest is Orly summer 2010 collection (iViva! Collection) and China Glaze (Fun in the Sun Set, Flip into Colour Set , Unforgettable Set). But you can find discontinued colours there too.

I am getting China Glaze Paint The Town Red, I love a strong red colour when I grow my nails long.

And for casual fun days, or when my nails are a bit stubby, I got Orly's Snowcone.

I also ordered these filmo canes to stick on to my Snowcone coloured nails. Only $1 for each set (of 12).

If you loove doing your own mani/pedis, this spree will give you a serious case of the lemmings!


  1. Anonymous8:02 pm

    love the lilac nails!

    love the tri ribbon dress!

    Love the white heels!


  2. I knoooowwww!! Me Loooves it tooo

  3. Anonymous5:00 pm

    dressing a little too young for ur age?

  4. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Hi Holly!

    I was wondering are there any other sg fashion brands that has international delivery? preferably similar to the quality of club couture. wanted a dress so badly from river island but no international delivery :(



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