Hello! Quick Shouts- Spray On Condoms, Harleys

Results for the Holly Jean Style Make Over will be out in the first week of June. Are you the lucky voter to walk away with the ettusais goodies?? If you haven't voted, it's your last chance as voting ends 28th May. :)

(The 3 Jasmines, if you want pics from my camera, email me, and I'll send to you)

For those interested... now there are SPRAY ON Condoms!


Dating article this week on Myfatpocket.com - What Do Men Find Irresistable in Women?


The StyleHunter collection is Launched!


A likes bikes. So I've been wanting to take a road trip with him on a Harley. I am in general afraid of bikes, and am more of a feet in wooly socks on the dashboard in a nice car sort of girl. But Harleys are damn cool... so I wouldn't mind a ride on one. I think it a bikers road trip would be an adventure.
So I've been looking up Harleys etc... and this Friday the 28th of MAY there's actually an event at Dempsey... organised by Harley Davidson. It's a celebration of Women Riders Month 2010. It's in support of breast cancer too. (Click on the poster to get more info)


  1. Anonymous1:41 am

    b careful the wind dun blow u off the bike. ROFL!

  2. Justin1:45 am

    Spray on condoms? Whatever will they come up with next!

    Your Style Hunter pics look great honey. And I think you'd make one delicious biker chick by the way.


  3. You are going to use the spray on condom on your cell phone? lol. It'll feel oily man!

  4. haha..(wasn't really going to use it. was just jesting!)...

    but i dont think the spray on condom canister sprays on lubricant as well, above the spray of latex! Tht wld be very impressive!! :)

    me thinks tht pre-made condoms have a slick feel to it because if it didn't then you wouldnt be able to unroll it cos latex will stick during storage/shelf time.

  5. Anonymous10:45 pm



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