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I'm amazed with this FourSquare thing. First it confused me.. but now that I use it, I am awed!

It's an application which you can download on your phone. Download the FOURSQUARE application for your phone.

It's like a loyalty programme that you log with your mobile phone instead of any sort of rewards card or stamps you accumulate on a card. Everytime you are in a participating outlet, you "check in". What this does is log that you were there.
And there are rewards for you.

The most interesting one I have found is the Fashion Mayor one. Everytime you check in at Topshop/Topman... it gets logged.. and every Tuesday is Fashion Mayor Day at 2pm... and whoever has checked in to that store the most times for the week, will be crowned Mayor of that store, and get to collect prizes from them.

And it actually gets more elaborate that all that... there's also SnackSquare.. which is via your same FourSuqare application and you can check in to all sorts of food places and bars for freebies and discounts.

This is not an advertorial... a friend told me about it and I think it's quite useful for those who are out and about. (Even more useful if you happen to live/work close to a Topshop... then you can just keep popping in to Check In.. and reap the Fashion Mayor reward! Oh.. if you win it, please let me know exactly what the prize is)



I was going to mention this in my Sunday Lemmings post, but it would be too late as the pre-order closes today( Saturday). Xquisis has a good range of pretty espadrills, stilletos, barbie doll wedges, ballet flats...

I just ordered the baby pink wedged heels ( the last pic). :) Pop in to get your last minute orders in. Click


  1. foursquare issssss super awesome i must say, not only topshop/topman there are a few restaurant too that is doing mayor's special in singapore. Not sure where but i think there are places near Clark Quay or somewhere there. :D


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