How I Met The Biscuit

This is the story of how I met the Biscuit. I don't know why I have waited so long to tell you this... but I think I should share it because I am afraid that if i don't, then one day, I might forget and lose this memory forever. It's probably the best modern day fairy tale chance meeting I have ever known.

On the 27th October 2008... on a sunny afternoon, I ventured into Borders at Wheelock, intending to buy a non-fiction book (am not keen on fiction). And as I usually do, I check out if there's anyone wank worthy (haha) in the magazine section.

And then I see Mark, in a casual white shirt with faint blue and grey pin stripes, a bit tight around the chest (I am such a perv, I know), sleeves rolled, and blue jeans.

I stood around the magazine section, and checked if he had a ring, and also if he was reading a pervy magazine or a smart one. It was UK's Men's health. Good.

We make friendly eye contact. And he starts chatting... loved the accent, loved the very narrow gap between his two front teeth, loved his smile.

And then we sit down for a quick coffee in Border's Bistro. And chatted even more. I study the faint creases on his face, listen to his stories of travel and experiences of life and I am enthralled by this stranger.

I talk about my blog and writing, and the serial dating I have been doing the past 1 year. And then he abruptly excuses himself from the table, and walks briskly back into borders. I remember checking his ass out as he walked away... in his blue jeans (never underestimate the power of a good pair of jeans)... and I noticed he has a bounce in his step. He walks the same way I do!

Like a person who will not be weighed down by the drudgeries of life.

I find this very attractive.

He comes back shortly with a black borders plastic carrier bag, and presents it to me, smiling. I remember thinking- What in the world??

I open the bag and it's a book - the pocket SUPERDATE...
It's a book on dating advice. Haha. Cheeky. Yet ironically, he wrote in the book- hopefully you won't need this!

It wasn't a bouquet of flowers, or jewellery.. but much better.

And at that very point... I dropped every other man I was dating or planned to date. Everything just felt so right. That was the beginning of our life together. I didn't know at that point how much money he had, how old he was, where he lived, etc etc... but the display of such wit and candour... I thought... this is the man who will make me smile each day of my life and will keep my mind engaged and will have my respect.

Then it rolled on to lunch at PS Cafe ( palais renaissance)... still so much to chat about. The day ended with him walking me to my taxi, and off I went. And in 1 minute... I get an SMS from him. I remember thinking... ah! He's hooked on me already! :)

His SMS said -" What does it say in the book about kissing on the second date?"

And I reply - " It says that it should have been done on the first!"

And that ladies and gentleman, was the first day of the best relationship of my life thus far.

But as life would have it... fairy tales don't always have happy endings. But its ok... I have learnt that nothing ever stays the same, and when one door closes, another one opens.

I hope for the best for Mark and I do hope that I will find my own happily ever after ending.


  1. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Crap. I thought this entry was about Soggy Biscuits! boring!

  2. Aww Holly, that's so sweet... I'm sure you'll get your happily ever after, when you least expect it. Take care girl.

  3. Anonymous7:30 pm

    wow that is like something out of a movie...very smooth! I can't imagine any Sg guys doing this..

  4. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Erm yes you said you gonna write something about mark to so-called close the chapter but then you're now dating someone new, your magic A, and if I'm A, I would feel rather uncomfortable if I read this because you're saying your relationship with Mark is the best in your life and as a guy whom you're now dating, I'll feel as if I need to measure up and that I'm being pegged and measured against Mark. I know it's impossible not to compare cos it's human nature after all but you spelled it out so openly in your blog!! And I wouldn't like it! And you can say oh A doesn't mind but maybe he's only telling you cos it's a pride thing...I think you ought to be a bit more sensitive when it comes to stuff like that...yes you can say A is a confident mature man but it's still not a nice thing though...just a thought really....

  5. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Oh Holly, such a beautiful beginning! I love the sms exchange portion. :P

  6. Anonymous8:48 pm

    aww, that is such a random but interesting meet!

  7. No No... anon7.33pm - you misunderstand.

    This post was meant as closure. Like finally I am closing this door and opening another new one.

    If anything, I think that "A" should read it as me wanting to start something new with him. I am a bit wierd... I need to purge the old feelings before I can start new ones. So this post was more of a catharsis.

    And yes, what I had with Mark was the "best r'ship of my life THUS FAR" ... it was definitely 100 times better than any of my past ones. But I said THUS FAR.. meaning to this point. And I hope that the next relationship I start will be even better... and hopefully be the last one with a happy ending. :)

  8. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Wow, too bad a great start doesn't mean a great finish. Hope your new relationship has a great finish!

  9. Anonymous11:41 pm

    glad u're moving on babe:)

    hope your new rlnship will be awesome and that was a sweet love story. perhaps u can write one on how u met A :) -in case anyone misunderstands you!

  10. celestina8:12 am

    My knees grew weak & i literally cried out 'OMY!' when i read on te part Mark came back with the book & on the sms exchanged... That's life isnt it? Just when we think this is THE man whom is God sent, but in reality things may not turn out the way we thought it would be..

    But at least u have had a wonderful time with him which the memory may perhaps stay in you forever..

    i knw exactly how u feel cos i was in such situation once. so move on & look forward to another fantastic r'ship that awaits u

    Pls do update us on yr progress with A : )

  11. Krystal9:29 am

    Somehow i felt sad reading your story. It should have ended with a happy ending.
    Anyway, maybe you should have kept this post private cos some silly readers green with envy don't understand this post.

  12. Anonymous11:39 am

    It's such a nice story, and made me think of the happy beginnings in my past relationship. All the best in your new relationship with A!

  13. sweet~~
    hope it'll be even better n sweeter with the next one walking thru tt door ;)

  14. hi holly,

    lovely story!hope your new relationship will have a happy ending...

  15. Anonymous6:52 pm

    I do think it's a bit odd to be writing this now.

  16. Ms Piggy7:02 pm

    Its a scene straight out of movies! Except u didnt end up w him... but everything happens for a reason and i hope "A" is the man for you.

    Ps: I hang out at borders quite a bit to read the magazines for free (:p) but ive never, i stress, NEVER seen a cute guy in there!
    .......... Maybe i shld start goin thr in the day rather at nite!

  17. Anonymous10:46 pm

    half of me wishes that you didn't post that entry because i do, very much, want to believe that fairytales and happy endings exists.

    but, all the best holly-jean! i'm sure He's out there somewhere, probably lost and refusing to ask for directions.

  18. Anonymous1:19 pm

    This chance meeting reminds me of the Sex and the City episodes when Carrie thought there and then he's the one, one who did things a little different from the rest of the pack. But as it turned out to be ... who is the next guy.
    Very sweet first time meeting, really romantic, as it is rare to have fate knocking on the door this way. A wonderful memory to keep though he was not meant to be. Wonderful and heartwarming. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Am reminded of a bittersweet chapter of my life which also started off at borders. I've moved on slowly but surely. I wish you all the best with A.

  20. thank you everyone for sharing, and for listening to this too :)

    who knows what the future holds for any of us...

  21. Anonymous12:21 am

    Cheers and have some beers!


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