Geeky Specs!

Like my new Geeky glasses?? I feel smarter already. *hyuk hyuk hyuk*

Are you in the mood for kissing? This week on myfatpocket, it's - French Kissing Techniques Your Mother Would Frown Upon!


Kuen said…
Join the ranks of nerds and geeks hehehe
CK said…
Hi HJ,

Retro style... i like it
rinaz said…
Girls with glasses are cute!

Couldn't recognize you momentarily though, with your brows all scrunched up like that.
Jess said…
Sigh - i really think your blogposts are getting more and more slipshod and trivial
CC said…
hi HJ I saw u at Downtown east just now... u looked like in a rush!

When will you post on the Holly Jean Make Over of those Jasmine girls?