The Avenue By J !


I first mentioned Janthavenue on my blog last year, because they have such pretty accessories! My best friend and I had wore Janthavenue accessories to the F1rocks concert.

But now, Janthavenue has branched out to Apparrel! Their clothes shop is called The Avenue By J !

They have a lot of casual wear- esp slouchy t-shirts and cute little frilly skirts. I adore some of their T-shirt prints. (Like the one of the girl in the red beanine in the above pic!!)
Me loooves this Marilyn Monroe top too. It's a burst of colour... the turquoise makes the whole outfit very pop arty. And this one is a narrow cut which is great, so I don't look like I am swimming around inside it. It's important to get tshirts which flatter your body type. Not all t shirt cuts are the same.
And I wear their off shoulder tops as a tunic. You could probably wear it as a t-shirt dress if you're less than 1.6m.

Go check out the latest collection at The Avenue By J ! :) Am sure you'll find some pretty (yet affordable) pieces to add new life to your wardrobe.

They also have iPhone cases... (but am not an iPhone user so I didn't bother to check those out.. do it yourself. haha)

Clothes & the iPhone cases at

P/s- As long as it's stated advertorial at the top of the post, it means it's a paid ad/review.
I have not allowed comments for advertorials because there are a lot of plugging of other sites/ sabotages/blogshop wars going on. I don't want to be part of that.
I will show you what they have and what i like, but I'm not here to play policeman, and I am not akin to some Zuji price comparison platform... any problems, feel free to email me. We can negotiate how we can get your word out :)