Sunday Lemmings

I've been fishing around for quirky (yet useful) bits & bobs. They have beauty gadgets such as fringe clips, double eyelid clips... etc. The Painless Hair Removal Sponge is supposed to be a hot product in Japan so I tried it out today. It's only $3.90
(Ok.. when I took these pics, I had just woken up so my hair looked a mess, and my face had no make up.... but focus on the product please). It's a round disc with a smooth pad on one side.
You rub it in a circular motion on your skin and the hair is removed, along with dead skin too. It does leave my forearms smooth and hairless. And it really doesn't hurt at all (doesn't feel abrasive on the skin).
However, I feel it only works well on fine hair and not coarse hair ( like armpit).. maybe I'm not rubbing hard enough?
Serectshoppe has loads of secret goodies. You may want to check out their slimming stock. They have the wraps and shape-up underwear too.
But what really caught my eye were their Bling Pens! Every girly girl should have one of these pens!! ($14.90 inclusive of bubblewrapping and normal postage)
I got the pink one. Limited stock left but I think they still have the pink instock. You can buy the refills at just $2.50 from the site, or from stationery stores. Despite being fully blinged, it's still comfortable to write with. So chio. Loves!!!

Going to use this pen at my next formal meeting next week. Lol :)
Oh- U can quote hollyjean when purchasing from Serectshoppe for 10% off regular priced instock items.
Black Bandage Skirt from TheDayLabel.
This piece is seamless (no hanging threads), super stretchy, layered and opaque (no VPL!).
I can wear it as a long skirt or a short skirt.. it's so versatile. The bandage design is figure flattering too! Everyone should have one of these as part of their basic wardrobe.

I've added yet another Xquisis bag to my wardrobe. I'm impressed with the quality so far. I had my first Xquisis bag months ago.. used it many many times, and the condition is still great, so I'm very pleased.
It's got ruffles down the front. Me likey! Also available in brown which is quite nice imo.
You just missed their pre-order for Laboutin inspired high high heels! It ended yesterday. But you can check out their new arrivals instock.
And... check out my new hand knitted bootie socks. So comfy... better than bedroom slippers. Plus they have cute mary jane straps. You like??? Should I stock them at my CherryPopShop?

Food Glorious Food

OK. this doesn't belong in my Sunday Lemmings post.. but it's just an update. (Since some of u worry that I am not eating well now... *awwww*)
Had dinner at L'Angelus. It's a French restaurant on ClubStreet. And although I've eaten at Senso just down the road over the years... I didn't realise there was a nice little French restaurant on that same road!
Super duper thumbs up for their Pan seared foie gras. Look at it! Looks like a steak. And Oh So Beautifully done. I can still feel it melting in my mouth.
I also had a salmon tartare for the first time, which was fab ( ate it all before I remembered to take a picture.. haha). I'm going to try making it next week. Maybe cook a nice french dinner (for R.. maybe??). Will have to stop by Jones' the Grocer on dempsey though.... (so far! I'm lazy) maybe I could do that on Friday since I'm taking Lola to Botanic Gradens (but I'll be alone, and might not be able to take Lola in the shop with me) . Does anyone know of any nice butchery/grocer where I can get nice cured ham, parma, proscuitto, parmesan that sort of stuff in the east side?The only thing that wasn't good at L'Angelus was their creme brulee. Shitty bitter burnt top. Dan Ryans does a much better creme bruleee ( and they have yummy potato skins... mmm... lemming for Dan Ryan's now)
P/S- Those of you emailing me about the LG eve android phone I bought last month and asking for a review... I'd say, don't bother. It's a nice looking phone, and the querty keyboard that pops out is a GodSend for people with long nails.... BUT it does Hang/freeze very often. Like once every couple of days for me. Which is a pain in the arse especially since i blinged the back cover, making it hard to remove and reset the phone everytime in hangs. Boo LG! I'm quite upset with you now.


  1. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for but,
    I hope this helps.

  2. Where did you get that hello kitty notebook? I ADORE HELLO KITTYY! HAHAH.

  3. my abs spill'th over10:38 pm

    wow! HJ! Your abs look so fantastic!

  4. Hi HJ,

    May I know if you are paid for those blogshops that you mentioned in your Sunday Lemmings posts? Cause I am surprise that you actually tried to recommend to your readers.

    I have not heard of this blogshop before but clicked out of curiosity. First impression, some of their T&Cs are ridiculous and product claims sound like a scam. Second, many of their items can be bought at for 30% of the price. I know everyone is out to make profit, but more than 200% just for reselling is absurd.

  5. @ Jess. - i understand ur concerns.

    I thought $3.90 for the hair removal sponge was actually cheap. I tried it out of curiosity and my reivew of it is accurate (as in I'm not bullshitting).

    As for the bling pen, I really love. A LOT. A LOT LOT LOT. :)

    I wasnt paid to blog about .

    My credibility to my readers is very very important and I would not try to lie or scam them.

    I have seen the nose clips and fringe clips sold at SASA and I don't see SASA as a bad place. In fact I love poking around in there for new stuff. And I found this blogshop just as interesting.

    Of course I expect my readers to be realistic and aware enough not to expect that putting a clip on a fat nose for any period of time is going to suddenly shrink it or anything like that.

    As for wedding favours, they are of no interest to me (so sad but true.. am FAR from planning a wedding). Thats why I didnt mention them in my sunday lemmings. and I didn't know about sgweddingfavours selling the wedding favours cheaper.

    of course, consumers have to use their own discretion when deciding whether something is worth the price.

    In my opinion, i loved the bling pen. and the sponge thing @$3.90 was cheap as i had always been curious abt it.

    Hope I answered your doubts/qn.

    @my abs spillth over - haha thanks

    @Jess - was given to me byb a former student.. (when I was a teacher in changkat changi sec)

    @ anon10.28 - OOHhh yes!!! thank u for tht

  6. Anonymous7:59 am

    ): The white/silver bling pen is sold out :(

  7. Anonymous7:59 am

    ): The white/silver bling pen is sold out :(

  8. My LG phone hangs all the time too. It's a mega old model. Having to restart the phone is quite annoying as the startup is rather slow. Boo LG

  9. Hi Holly

    I love the colour on your nails - the one with you holding the sponge and the pen. May I ask what colour is that? (The nail colour of course).


  10. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Hi Holly,
    i love your pink polka dot tube dress in your Thursday, March 11, 2010 post. May i know where you brought it?

  11. pink polka dot dress was from

    my nail colour is OPI's nantucket pink

  12. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Hi Holly! The hand knitted bootie socks looks super comfy and cute! Where did you get it? Stock them up please! :)


  13. i'm trying to get someone who can manufacture them for me.. but no luck so far.

  14. Anonymous5:48 pm

    The Black Bandage Skirt from TheDayLabel is sold out! =(


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