Sunday Lemmings - The Late Issue

I know I skipped Sunday Lemmings last week and I almost just missed Sunday Lemmings this week!!! Ack 10pm already! Apologies!
For all you single (or not) girls out there (esp those who don't have the Older Man syndrome) ... Vivian Dawson is someone worth lemming for :)
I was introduced to him late last year when we happened to be at the same gym. And yes, he is gorgeous in person too.. those abs are for real.
Here's my interview with Vivian Dawson.

I think I'll go for the Kelly Clarkson concert this Tuesday. I have a new Club Couture tank top to wear (not for sale yet!!).

I' m Lemming for one gadget.
Sony's new TX5, it's $599.... and shock-proof, water-proof, temperature-proof...

It doesn't look chunky and sports-like the way waterproof cameras look. It's slim, metallic, shiny, and stylish like all the cameras in the TX series. How the hell is all this possible and yet it's still water tight???

When I get my hands on it, I'm going to try to get shots like these...
Soon, soon. :)

My Agatha Charm Bracelet that my ex bought me for Valentine's Day last year has accumulated as many charms as a bracelet can possibly hold ( 15 on my last count)... and it's freaking heavy... but very cute and jangly. I hardly wear it now. Maybe I should start using it again, perhaps just remove the "M" charm, for Mark. We got the "H" charm in pink and blue "M" a long time ago.
Now, I'm lemming after the Pandora bracelets!!! But damn it... I know myself. I'll get obsessive and want to put more and more Pandora beads on... and i think the cheapest bead is like $30??

Pandora beads are special because they have a groove in each bead so you actually screw the bead onto the chain/bracelet.
I actually saw them selling the rip off versions of this Pandora bracelets on the beach in Spain last summer... but I wasn't interested in them then. Damn it!!


Oh... Trendysg now has a new reward scheme called T$, which is like Trendy Dollars. You can earn $T by uploading pics of you wearing any of their stuff onto your facebook. Visit their site for all the info.

I also did my Brazilian Wax session at The GoldDust this week. :)

P/S- Tomorrow - I'll let you know how to be one of the 3 girls that will win a Holly Jean Style Make Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Where is the info for makeoverHJ?????? :D


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