Had a busy day today... couple of meetings to attend in town and plus a coffee date squeezed in between.But before I left for my first meeting in the morning, LG sent someone over to swap my GW620 for a new set. LG read my gripe (of my LG eve freezing all the time) on my blog a few days ago... and rang me to offer to swap my handset.

They suspect that it's an isolated case, and generally the LG eve doesn't hang. Well... whatever it is, I'm just glad to have gotten one that works well.

I remember them taking so long when I brought my handset to the service centre in February... I had only just purchased the phone (not even 2 days old) and the screen calibration was wonky. And they took 2 weeks to get it fixed.

So this time round, when my phone kept freezing... I thought bugger it, I'm not sending it back in, I'll just live with prying the cover open and resetting the phone everytime it froze.

So am surprised and grateful that they picked up on my dissatisfation and addressed it without me asking them to. Top notch service on their part... very efficient this time.

What should I do to the back cover of this phone now... a bit lazy to re-bling it.

In the evening, Shawn and I popped into the ART programme that SONY has been sponsoring for underpriviliged children. It was nice to see the kids get excited about art and letting their creative juices flow.
I'll show you more pics and tell you more about the make.believe ART Programme soon. I'm waiting for Shawn to edit and put together the video clips :)
Then after that we had dinner at Mad Jacks... and we reviewed the pics/clips we took. Am very glad to have met Shawn and that he's on board the make.believe campaign too. He's a super sweet guy, reminds me of my younger brother. Oh... SONY is giving away cameras! And Shawn will be holding a contest for it in a few days (I'll update you with the link asap)... I'll hold the contest on my blog late next month (after myHolly Jean Style make over is done).

Like this dress?????
It's one of the dresses in my CherryPop shop. Fingers crossed that everything goes well with the stock and logistics etc, I should be able to launch soon!

OK, last bit of randomness for today : pics from The ettusais Spring Summer Colors workshop which was held last month (27th of March)

We had an awesome turnout of 30 participants... women from all walks of life, students, housewives, career women, etc.
Sneaking a picture in whilst listening to Jessica.
Jessica conducted the workshop while Shiya did the demo on one participant.
And then we had a hands on session. This is my Fav part.
Spring Summer colours are all so vibrant and goargeous... we were spoilt for choice.
Of course, there's always refreshments! I came in saying I wasn't going to eat anything.. but ended up eating 2 wings and 4 nuggets! :( pig.

The ambassadors :)

..and with a few friendly girls from the workshop.


  1. Anonymous4:37 am

    I like the white dress! very classy!

  2. You look gorgeous in the workshop! You look like the girl from Autumn's Concerto in the photo where you were wearing that lace-headband and applying lipstick!!! :)


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