My Older Man Fetish

I've always always been attracted to older men. I'm not talking two or three years older, I'm talking ten years or more.

I like being around older men because they give me a bigger sense of protection and security. It's not so much the age that's appealing. It has more to do with the attractiveness, maturity level, and style of the man. I've found that older men seem to score more points with me than the ones my age.

A few weeks ago, I had a date with a 33 year old, and when I first learned his age, I blurted out "awww, you're just a baby..." Haha.. imagine that! How warped am I?!

But you know what? I'm bending a little. A younger man might actually do it for me. If I meet the right one. And the thought of having someone to grow old with is somewhat appealing to me now.

But I could never be a cougar because I find an older and slightly rugged face more attractive than some 20year old baby face. For example, guys like Zac Efron .... ewww.

Of course, it's early days ... I might ( or might not) leave the older man phase behind. But just in case that phase passes and is gone for good, let me share with you my top 5 celebrity crushes:

Hugh Laurie
51 year old Hugh Laurie is good looking, no doubt about that ( I think it's in his eyes)... but what's really attractive about Hugh is the medical genius role he plays on HOUSE. Ooooh Doctor.

Anthony Bourdain OK, he's almost my mom's age. This 54 year old smokes on TV, and I've seen him actually get tipsy on TV... I'm not advocating smoking or drinking... but this bad boy has this raw older man appeal. I hate his shirts (mostly) (like... did he shop in America circa early 90s?)... but despite that, the man is one sexy mofo.

Robert Downey Jr
Born in 1965, this 45 year old is the baby of my lot of older men. He's sooooo cute and has a great body. Talented actor and always the rebel, how good looking is Robert Downey Jr to me? Smoulderingly so. Plus, he's iron man!

Mehmet OzHow could you not love Dr Oz? He's charming! Whenever I catch him on the Oprah show, I always plonk myself down infront of the TV, and loudly sigh- "Ohhh... Mehmet" in a breathy voice... much to the amusement of Mark (my ex). haha.

Harison Ford

Indiana Jones! He's 68!!! The oldest of the lot, yet I think Harison Ford has aged the best. I'd do him. And I secretly envy Calista Flockhart (46). I actually find him much more attractive than Richard Gere (who I actually don't think has aged well at all) and Robert Redford (is he ginger?).

But you know what? Here's a little dose of reality. And something to remind me that we are ALL in fact mere mortals. Well.. this didn't quite do it for me...
Hmmm.. not so hot without your hair, are you now, Hugh? :(Oh Mehmet! What has your similar-age wife done to you?! Never wear a t shirt with work trousers! And never tuck your t-shirt in!

Sorry but there are no ugly pictures of Robert Downey Jr.... and Harrison Ford is sacred. :)


  1. Anonymous11:31 am

    Hugh Laurie is ABSOLUTELY NOT 59. He was BORN in 1959 meaning he's 51.

  2. ok ok need to get excited.

    I made a mistake. Have edited the post.


  3. no ugly pictures of robert downey jr, YET! hahah... they might surface 10 years down the road, who knows! thanks for sharing anyway! i love reading your entries :)

  4. Jane The Plain3:45 pm

    Hi HJ

    I always thought older men were gross. ( No Offence!) Why would you want an older man when you can get a hot young one?

    But you made me realise that R.D. Jr is an older man too! And I would shag him too.


  5. Anonymous4:25 pm

    oh yes, definitely there with you! older men that look well after themself,successful, smart& sexy are oh-so-hot....

  6. Anonymous5:49 pm

    older men with money have everything , go with a younger guy and he will run off after a few years when u get past 30

  7. I definitely understand your affinity towards older men... They're much more assured and confident. You don't need to spend time coddling them, and by that time, they know what they want in life.

    Huge Laurie's hooooootttt! I used to have the BIGGEST crush on Pierce Brosnan, but he's been looking a bit rough lately... =(

  8. Matty9:55 pm

    You do all realise that Hugh Laurie is gay right!?! Haha...

    Anyhow, I'm 35 and have to listen to girls telling me that I am not old enough! Go figure hahaha

  9. Anonymous10:38 pm

    The sad truth is that OLDER men will soon simply become OLD men. And then VERY OLD men.

    Good luck.

  10. Anonymous11:18 pm

    and youger men will become middle aged and chase younger women - so how ?

  11. haha ya and the even sadder truth is that older women is the one age category that is hardly ever attractive to anyone. tick tock.

  12. Anonymous10:37 am

    @J another sad truth - The poor man is one category of men that is hardly ever attractive to anyone. Boo Hoo.

  13. Anonymous10:33 pm

    It's a pity older women are seen as unattractive..I wish the media would portray older women in a better light because they look just as good as older men.

    I think older men are distinguished and stuff but at the end of the day, younger men are still more attractive physically. Take off their clothes, older men's bodies just can't beat the younger men's.. like women, younger men are still "perky". Unless of course they maintain their figures.. older men only appeal when they wear expensive suits to cover up.. I believe a topless George Clooney, no matter how suave, can never beat a topless Christiano Ronaldo.

  14. Anonymous12:06 am

    WHAT??? HUGH IS GAY?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!??!?!??!!???????????


  15. Anonymous12:10 am

    HEY WAIT i just googled and he has a wife and kids. hmmppphhhhh! so mean of that anonymous person to spread falsehoods like that!!

    ok good my chances went back up again (hahaha delusional)


  16. @ anon12.06/anon12.10

    Haha.. i was about to go to bed when I saw ur comments bleep in. ANd I laughed. :D

    Highly delusional. But I love your spirit!


  17. Anonymous5:41 am

    hugh laurie is so fucking hot. I am 21 and i am always attracted to men who are 28-35 years old... They are so much appealing, in my opinion and much more self-assured. So hj, i am with you! Xxsara

  18. Anonymous7:47 pm

    ... updates on R? does he belong to the older guy category?

  19. nope, R's only 8 years older... so not exactly older man for me

    realistically tht gap is just right... when it comes to marriage.19 years was a bit too much I guess (in Number).

    but you wont be hearing any more updates abt R ... it was close, but not quite the perfect match.

    Sorry to keep confusing u readers... I'm still trying find stable ground myself :)

  20. Anonymous10:44 pm

    .. ahh you seem to be able to pick yourself up date after date? dont you get down and upset that one potential date did not turn out as you would like?... was it you to stop ? or did they?

    im in a similar situation in a sense.. i go date over date.. it gets tedious sometimes.. dont you think?

    .. since R is out of the picture? any other potential ones on the line? an A, B or C perhaps? hehe
    (funny they are all being labeled by the first initials)...

  21. no.. i get my downs too.

    esp when i first meet someone new, and like everything seems good... then after a few more dates, as you learn more abt the person ( both ways) .. red flags emerge, sometimes deal breakers emerge... and then you know it's not the one. Cant help feeling disappointed.

    I try not to get my hopes up too high when I first meet someone who seems great. (it's hard... cos I'm so impulsive by nature!). Now I try to keep emotions out of it, until I get to know him better. find out the backgrnd, character, habits, whatever...

    so if it turns out the wrong match, i wont be so disappointed.

    I'll find my match :) I'm close... I feel it :)

    Magic letter A maybe. Wait for it.. wait for it...

    And no, I give them letters, but not all are initials.

  22. Anonymous10:35 am

    i like a guy who is 12 years older than i am. but im afraid to let things go further between us because im afraid of what my friends might say, like he is 12 years older than me, and its quite alot... :( so im kinda stuck. any advice?

  23. Anonymous11:04 am

    .... Magic A - do you think you stand a good chance with Mr. Magic A ? ...

    tell us more... a clue even...

  24. Anonymous11:24 am

    i like older men too! i mean like i'm only 19 this year. so i don't think i'll even date a 30 year-old. but i like guys from 4-10 years older than me.

    PS Robert Downey Jr is sooooo sooo sooo hot!

  25. @anon10.35 - 12 yrs is my threshold now.. i don't think i will date anyone more than 12 yrs older... (but never say never, i guess)

    and it depends... if ur 19, like the last anon, then 12 yrs older is a lot. it's not abt the number, but u need to be in the right phases of your life.

    but if ur like 30, dating a man of 42 isn't that big a stretch.and much more common than you think.


    anon11.04- oh.... i dunnoe.. dont want to say anything just yet. maybe it's a no-go. too early to tell :(


  27. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Hugh Jackman!!! mmmmm... yummy!

  28. Anonymous11:35 pm

    ... have confidence.. :) no harm trying.. the least u will get is it doesnt work out, at least you know you have tried.

    have you gone on a date with A yet?

  29. Anonymous1:30 pm

    .....hope your 33 year old date does not go by the initial H. there's a serial cheater in town.

  30. Don't worry, not H. and i only had ONE date with this 33 year old.

    And my cheating man radar is pretty spot on, plus I'm pretty high maintainence in terms of attention so a cheater would never be able to keep me anyhow. :S

    AND- whoever you are, pls read such things (abt the serial cheater) with a pinch of salt. Majority of the 100plus comments were anonymous, and they were having their own discussion in there. IF it were THAT true and SERIOUS, these girls wld have done MSN/email straight after realising they had dated the same cheater. Not go on discussing in the comments section abt their exposure to the STD or wat nots within the comment section of some unknown blog.

    It's enough that she's plugged it in every forum available. no need to plug it here. nasty gossip to me.

    If you are her/ know her- if she really wants to get even with this guy, Give standard Chartered a long informative email , and tell them abt his behaviour, then Carbon COpy to Singapore press holdings. SPH prob wont pick up the story if they feel like I do (tht it's hyped up by one person only)... but STAND CHART will prob start squiriming becos they cannot afford bad press. easy. done. he's outta this c'try!


    I absolutely like older men as well! okay not entirely going with ur choices but defo on hugh laurie and robert downey. ROBERTS MINE MAN! :D HAHA

    If only there were perfect ppl like that. >_<

  32. eh and hugh laurie is married with children la. how is that gay? T_T

  33. Anonymous9:06 am

    Hey Holly, I've got a few questions to ask you...

    So I've met this guy online who's 13 years older than me. To be honest, I didn't have any expectations because I've never considered dating anyone that much older, plus I'm only 22. He did tell me that he was interested in getting to know me more, but I told him that I'm not looking for anyone at the moment, but I wouldn't mind just chatting. However, as we talked more, I find that we are able to connect pretty well and I really do enjoy talking to him as he makes me laugh.

    But the thing is, I find myself being very wary of what he tells me. I've never met anyone online before but I think it's wise to not take everything that someone tells you over the internet for real, hey? He has shared his photo with me but I haven't shared mine with him. I'll very much like to meet him in person, have a coffee in a cafe together and just get to know one another offline, but the thing is, we live in different states. Am I wrong to assume that if he's really serious about me, he would offer to come down and meet me, or am I being too obnoxious?

    So he told me yesterday that he feels like we're going nowhere because he feels that I'm hiding from him and that I'm doubting his true I was honest with him and told him that I'm still trying to get to know him better. To be honest, I don't even know his last name...

    Do you have any advice for me? I wonder if I should keep this going and take this leap of faith, or should I just let this go and move on? I have so many worries actually, say, how do I let my family know that I'm interested in a much older man?

    1. Why won't you share your photo with him?

      You got to give a little take a little. Otherwise I can see why he thinks this is going no where.... It's because it's not.

      Why not share a pic as a start. After all, he already shared his. If he doesn't contact u after knowing what u look like, then perhaps he's an ass who wasnt in this for the right reasons.

      But I wldnt expect him to travel all the way to your state without an inkling of what u look like. It is too much to ask of someone.

      As for your family, we'll take it one step at a time. You may not really like him all that much after all once u meet in person.

      But if u do, I think the fact that u live in different states would be more an issue than the age gap itself.

      Hugs. Just explore. But of course be safe also (in case he's some internet predator, but I doubt it based on what u tell me)

    2. Anonymous10:43 am

      Hey Holly, thank you for your reply! I guess because I've never gotten to know anyone on the internet before...This is a really naive question, but are there any dangers in sharing my photo with him? I've been honest with him in every aspect but I can't deny that there's no doubt in my mind as to whether he's being 100% truthful. I've asked him before and he said he's been honest all the while. I just...feel so confused and I do hope that he's not an internet predator playing with my feelings...

    3. No danger in sharing a photo. As long as its not like in a compromising position e.g naked pic. :) as for whether he's full of lies or not, it's something you can only find out when u get to know him in person .

      Maybe u cld ask for a chat on webcam first? Like with Skype.

    4. Anonymous1:27 pm

      thank you :) I'll see how it goes. I've apologised and have extended an olive branch because I wanna give this a shot, but I do hope he hasn't written me off...thanks Holly :)


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