I've decided to cease Collection 1 @ CherryPop. I thought it would be a fun thing to run but it has turned out to be disasterous...

All the email orders start trickling in throughout the day (it's like a full time job on its own!), have to make sure payment clears and package each order individually... sooo tedious , then to make it worse, I managed to mix up one order (sent the white dress to someone who wanted the pink!)... I have problems with the stock... which is just an extra headache which I don't need and then I also just realised that my cost price is way too high, I've been paying more for each dress then you can get at sprees (but sprees I have to wait like 3 weeks or more for it.. can't run a business like that)!

And thus it's kinda not worth my while, fussing around with all the nitty gritty logistics but only reap a small margin.

Plus I've been busy fussing around with CherryPop and picking out clothes all week... that I neglected my column work/editorials and now deadlines are drawing near and I have a lot of back log to clear!! Serves me right.

So if I am going to launch another collection, I will need a separate email (too messy when mixed with my blogs email), I will need to either get another supplier, or fly somewhere and lug the stuff back myself. Or find something that I'd really really like to sell ( like those Mary Jane knitted socks I have!! But I cant find a supplier for those!).

Those who have already ordered and paid, your items are going to be mailed tomorrow. And for those whose orders have stock issues, I have requested your account numbers for reimbursement.

I already have a new overseas supplier who has contacted me, and is able to supplier goods from the european market. I think HK,Korean fashion has saturated our blogshop market here. :( But I dunnoe.... I will sit on it. I'm still reeling from this first failed blogshop attempt! For those of you out there who have been running your blogshop for years, kudos to you.

CherryPop shop will take a hiatus until another day. :) Thank you all for your support.

Hmmm... what shall my next little adventure be? I need a holiday!

And..I also need someone to organise my wardrobe.. still(!). And I want to hold a fleamarket. But I have no venue. Maybe raise funds for charity. Would anyone pledge $ if I shave my hair off for charity? ( No saying I'll actually do it... but I do want to do SOMETHING)


  1. Anonymous11:12 am

    Hey Holly, I think that you've been amazing at what you've done so far on your blog. Don't despair =) Perhaps you should get someone to help you with all the nitty gritty whilst you handle the publicity & sourcing etc. Give it another go, I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Anonymous11:51 am

    Do a bit of work and then you proclaim you deserve a Holiday?!

    What a princess!

    What about the rest of us who have to work????? Have you ever thought about that?

  3. What happened to that sexy bareback photo? If you need to change pic, at least show a frontal bareback pic, lah (evil giggle).

  4. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Anon 11:51 sounds like a sour grape...

    Ever heard of work SMART?

  5. stranger1:44 pm

    Lol at the sour grape. Just becuase you don't see HJ working hard, doesn't mean she isn't. Don't assume things, just shows how superficial you are.

    Anyway, kudos to you HJ, for at least daring to try! You're good at everything you're doing, I think you just need to find a balance in all that you're doing. So don't give up just yet. You could find someone you trust to deal with the nitty gritty stuff, as mentioned by Anon 11:12. (:

    Good luck,

  6. Anonymous3:53 pm

    At least it lasted longer that most of your pets.

  7. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Hey I think your blog is awesome. Hmm I think it'd be great if you sold all your pre-loved stuff. Maybe you could borrow a friend's apartment for a while and host an indoor "garage sale"? Or you know those function rooms in CCs or condos? I think they'll work just fine too.

    Much love! =))

  8. oh. there u are. had you left your real email/contact when making the previous comment, I would have told you that I was paying my supplier higher than the spree price.

    I dont have time to take pictures of everything and I wasnt aware of blogshop ettiquette regarding pics and the pictures were used with full permission from the supplier. And if the supplier doesnt say anything abt puttiny cherrypop on the pics, then i dont know why ou would.

  9. Anonymous10:53 pm

    I'd be going for Hair for Hope! It'll be great if more females go for it. Yeah I know, hair makes a big difference but it'll always grow for us. What about those cancer patients who don't even have hair to begin with?


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