Somebody Kiss Me!

For an everyday look, dark lips are dated. The only ones I see walking around with dark lip colours are some aunties going to the market, SQ girls and crossdressers. [Don't get mad at me if you happen to be any one of them ok... it's just my observation]

The trend now is for glossy pouty lips in very natural looking baby soft colours. Whether you have thin or thick lips, whatever complexion you have, whether you're Asian, White or Black.... this look will suit you. It's feminine, understated SEXY and oh-so-kissable!

ettusais has new lippies that will help you achieve this look.

Melty Touch Rouge (SG$31) is the latest limited edition lipstick from ettusais. It's a combination of color, gloss amd moisture. The combination of all this gives your lips a slightly sheer, milky looking coverage. The lipstick has the color on the outside and the core contains the gloss!

True to its name, it melts on to my lips when I apply it.
There are 5 colors available - Pink, Red, Orange, Rose and Beige. I am using the pink one (but of course!). It looks so sweet and natural. I love it!

The Jelly Gloss (SG$28) comes in 2 types (15 shades altogether!). The sheer shades give my lips a shimmer while the opaque shades give my lips a soft glossy color. So really everyone can find a shade they like!

The applicator is a spatula shaped wand, this makes application a breeze as I can get the right amount onto my lips and spread it very easily.

The thing that always amazes me about the lip glosses from ettusais is the staying power! It keeps my lips looking glossy and plump for hours. It also has the goodness of ingredients like jojoba oil which conditions my lips. I love how it not only makes my lips look good but it also keeps them moisturised.
So, no more harsh looking lips ok girls! Think baby soft, plump and kissable looking lips!

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  1. Anonymous9:37 pm

    mmm - kiss me kiss me : )

  2. Anonymous9:46 pm

    your eyes look really weird

  3. Winnie10:16 pm

    yeah.i love nude lips too.

    very kisseable.

  4. Jillian4:02 am

    I don't know what fashion planet you're on but please don't go around handing out "advise" to fellow clueless individuals. The trend now happens to be bold lipcolors. Think Chanel and Tom fords long awaited new line of statement lipstick colors. It's annoying when bloggers try and hand out "advise" to their readers (when they themselves are clueless) just to make their sponsors happy. Just something to think about.


  5. Hi Jillian,

    I'm on the fashion planet where natural colours and glowing skin are in trend.

    Of course, being in Asia, I tend to be drawn to the Japanese beauty trends rather than the ones in Milan or New York. Japanese trend is about the pretty pink pout.

    But even so, for Spring 2010, designers like Paul Smith and House of Holland sent models onto the cat-walk with electro-hued blue lip color. But I'm not about to send my readers down the streets of Orchard with blue lips and have them think it looks good on them.

    If you noticed, in New York Fashion Week (spring 2010), there was a whole range of styles, but generally,the beauty trends were actually peachy lip colours, also the bluey coloured lips (Micheal korrs, etc), bright and bold eyeliners ( I saw a lot of bright whites, electric blue thick eyeliners),textured/teased out hair, and also the smudgey undereye-liner look.


  6. Love ur review!!bravo!!

  7. Anonymous12:28 pm

    anon 9:46 i think HJ has pretty eyes but i think her extensions weren't stuck on following her lashline exactly. the inner corners should curve down a little more in my opinion!

  8. Anonymous2:11 pm

    yah HJ you could lose the lashes and still look great in my opinion

  9. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Hey. Just wondering how do you take out your contacts which such long nails?:) I already have trouble taking them out with short nails=(

  10. Anonymous6:44 pm

    no wonder they said women age fast. u looked so old and haggard now. esp your face. drink more water and take good care

  11. @anon12.18 - i use both index fingers (right and left)... instead of index and thumb of one hand (the conventional way). That way I can get it at an angle where I dont have to point the tip of my nails into my eyeball (lol).

    Try it.. if u still cant do it, I'll shoot a quick video and upload.

    @anon6.44 .. oh boooohooooooooo... i thought I looked young for my age (I'm going to be 30 in Sept!).

    My forehead and eyes have absolutely no fine lines or wrinkles (despite being in the sun a lot! Which maybe might catch up on me and bite me in the ass in a few years..but now, as I am, I'm a happy girl.... I mean.. woman!)

  12. Anonymous9:13 pm

    i hope i look as good as you at 30 HJ !

  13. thepiggy12:10 am

    Hi holly! how do u bun up your hair? i love hairstyles that can be easily held in place by just a chopstick/hair pin. my hair length is just probably 4-5 inches below my it too short to bun?

    can shoot a video on how to do a simple video on how to bun your hair? pretty please? :)

  14. I did a looong time ago... it's here

  15. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Haha! Well I'm a visual person, so I think the quick video will be alot better. Thank you HJ you're so nice!=)

  16. thepiggy12:20 am

    thanks holly! sorry didnt notice u did the hair vid long time ago. but i tried and it all came long do u reckon the hair should be before i can succeed turning it into a bun?

  17. Anonymous10:59 am

    i love your dress! May i know where you get it?


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