Jack The Lad

Have you seen all the videos on Jack Neo's press conference? He apologises, the wife pleads for the media to leave the family alone, she cries, he cries, as they stand to leave the room, she wails loudly, faints, ten people crowd around her trying to help, when really none of them are really acrually helping... and this one gangster looking guy stands there and Shouts at the reporters to go away! (erm... it's a press conference, they're there to record and take pics) . But... Oh, the Drama!

And what's this I hear... 10 girls have come forward???! You know what? For every 1 girl that comes forward, there must be 5 more that dare not reveal their dirty secrets. Seems to be Jack's been quite the Lad.

Have you realised how some men are only attracted to one type??? You know? Like Tiger's mistresses were all blonde (or mostly)... there were no hispanic, asian, african american or dark haired mistresses/flings. And Jack... well.. from what I've seen, they're all pretty plain looking 20-something year old Chinese girls. [Can't believe he actually told one of them he was going to make her the next Fann Wong! How did he manage a straight face while saying that? I wonder]

Extra marital affairs, even though I don't condone them, I do feel it's so common.

When I was much younger, a photographer that I met during a shoot (not going to tell you who, there's nothing in it for me to expose him anyway), got to chatting with me. He was a bit older (abt 10 years plus or so)... I must have been 21 ish. And I went out with him.

Started out harmless, as I wasn't attracted to him. I just thought it was cool to go out with a photographer (forgive me, I know not what I did, I was young!).

But he had a fun party lifestyle. And I loved being around him. After a few weeks, he invited me over for dinner. So I went to his condo (on some hill near pasir panjang it was). As he was almost done preparing dinner, being the child that I was, I thought it would be a great idea to play a trick on him and hide. So I jumped into his wardrobe and shut the door, I looked around me, and even though it was dark, I realised I was sqooshed up between a bunch of dresses (!).

So, I jumped back out, quite alarmed (thinking- what have I done?!) and had to pretend nothing had happened all throughout dinner. I didn't see him anymore after that, and I was too much of a coward to ask him about the wardrobe of women's stuff.

Either he had a wife and she was away, or he's a cross dresser. I think it's more likely that he has a wife but planned to string me along.

I also have a female friend who is in the midst of a torrid affair with a married man (with kids). I'm sure everyone who reads this post will either have experienced it themselves or know of someone who has.

What is this world coming to!? :(


I did another post on the NsPortal about this, titled Jack Neo's Wife Should Seek Revenge! Using my patented 3 Strike Guide of course! :)


  1. Anonymous12:56 am

    Maybe the photographer was going to use the dresses for his shoot and kept them at home first? It's also quite common for them to have photo shoots at home if they have a studio. You may have jumped to the wrong conclusions. :P

    Jack's family is quite sad case. Ya the wife should take revenge. Too much bottled up misery is bad for her health.

  2. no no. He's not a stylist. He's not one of those Jack of all trades photographer... he's solely a photographer. i worked with him a few times, and he has absolutely nothing to do with the clothes.

    And his home wasn't a private studio or anything. The wardrobe was in his bedroom. If he were holding it for someone, he wld have put it in the guestbedroom :)

    If I ever meet him again one day, I'll just ask. lol. Am not the silly little girl i was before.

    Agreed- damn sad for the wife. I think she's living through my worst nightmare scenario now :(

  3. Anonymous9:34 am

    Some of the girls he tried to hit on are actually quite pretty la. But I think they are all Chinese because he can't manage a different language. He once got overfriendly with a friend of mine too (they were acquainted at some event), but she spoke some English and they got lost on him. He asked for her number but my friend could tell that he couldn't spell her name because he looked confused, asked her to repeat her name again and still looked confused when he keyed into his mobile. Anyway she told me about this donkey years before the current saga.

    But that aside, I do feel very sorry for the wife. Regardless of her personal choice toward the matter, she shouldn't have to speak up in public for what he did. This arrangement is crap. What is he thinking? Trying to gain sympathy by hiding behind his wife??? Has he not shamed and hurt her enough?

  4. Anonymous10:14 am

    the embarrassing revenge style of pasting photos of him and his full details around his work area is an established method from long ago as it is, nothing new......speaking from experience :)

  5. Celestina10:19 am

    By him getting te wife to speak up during the conference has directly worsen the situation abt him!!

    It was completely full of drama on him, not her. As a woman, i could tell she is completely devastated hence she cant even get a hold of herself after pleading for space from the media! She sound so apologetic compared to him when she did no wrong! Wat an ass hole!!

    Anyhow, regarding getting even, personally i wnt do tat. Wats the point? I wil jus walk out & move on. Getting even with him by letting him have a taste of his medicine may not have any impact to him. For all u knw he may feel 'ok gd we are draw now!'

    As a woman, i wil nvr tolerate infidelity. Yes we can forgive, but we can nvr forget. What make u tink he wnt do it again by forgiving him?! Remember this, it takes time to build trust but it takes second to destroy it! Think before one does anything harmful to a relationship..

  6. Anonymous10:49 am

    ""Have you realised how some men are only attracted to one type???"" same goes for women i guess eh after all for some the white male is the essence of what a man should be ;)

    I think the hero of the press conference was the guy with the blond hair and tattoos ,I half expected him to pull some kung fu type shit, now that would be would be compelling TV.

    Mr. Jello says "happy times are here for Mrs. Neo, at least she has an excuse not to sleep with Mr.Neo"

  7. Anonymous11:21 am

    Anon 10.49, very spot on! Haha...like HJ only dates white men...hahaha

  8. Anonymous12:26 pm

    i thought a french girl was in the mix too

  9. Cad or lad?

  10. yes, cad would fit and rhyme too.

    but i meant lad. I didn't make the phrase up though.."Jack The Lad" tends to be a male who's a bit of a bad boy :)

    @anon11.21- i don't only date white men... but ok, whatever.

    @12.26- oh a french girl too??? I just found out there's a thai one in the mix too.

  11. yes, cad would fit and rhyme too.

    but i meant lad. I didn't make the phrase up though.."Jack The Lad" tends to be a male who's a bit of a bad boy :)

    @anon11.21- i don't only date white men... but ok, whatever.

    @12.26- oh a french girl too??? I just found out there's a thai one in the mix too.

  12. I just find it disgusting when people stand up for him and say it's 'natural'
    for men to cheat or whatever. Women should nv tolerate or accept it.

    The wife is pitiful, but i guess it's not a simple up and leave situation. She's not working, 46, with 4 kids! where's she gonna go? Unlikely that she can support herself and the kids w/o his help. He prob has some air tight pre nup anw. And finding a second love after him is quite hard too in her situation. guess she's trapped.

  13. holly crab7:17 am

    Blame it on that silly little girl called Wendy Chong, now everyone knows she had sex with someone as old as her dad, all her future in-laws will eventually find her history out. This kind of product even Karang-Guni man won't want.

    She didn't play by the rule and if every girl is like her you can expect a lot of lecturer, school teachers, even minister would lost their job.

    Tell me who has only one sex partner this days? Which film director has one one sex partner? Our mighty Holly Jean can't agree more.

  14. Anonymous11:18 am

    Actually its a non issue. If he was sleeping around and his wife knew thats one his bloody issue. IF he pressured girls to sleep with him with inducements for work thats a hole other ball game. Do i approve of a married man sleeping around like that, no i dont but then i am not married to him.

    Mr. Jello says" jack neo should jack off then he wont have this problem"
    also "we knew jack was nimble we knew jack was quick what we didnt know was jack is SICK" lol

  15. Anonymous10:47 pm

    1. the wife WAS working. she managed J team.

    2. pre-nups are not legally binding in singapore. you can enter into a pre-nup but when the marriage breaks down the court will consider what the pre-nup says but will refuse to abide strictly by it.

  16. Anonymous4:47 pm

    not standing up for jack neo or what but i think these girls shld be blamed partially as well. i mean they clearly know he's married ( not like he's someone unknown) but most of these girls choose to continue their own relationship idk maybe for greed??lke how he promise alot of them to nurture them to get into the showbiz etc and now they are coming out portraying him as a pervertic man interested in young girls?? the irony of it all...


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