Ten Ways To Escape The Second Date

It was Sarah's housewarming party 2 days ago. Puffy had a real short hair cut... otherwise she looks like a baby lamb.

After that, I went to meet S for a second date. Yes... with Lola in tow. And you know what? It went ok.

Gentleman? Check. He bothered to drive me home on both occassions. In fact, on the first date, he offered to drive me home, and I declined. Then he suggested that he drive me somewhere close to my home, if I wasn't confortable with him knowing where I lived. *awww*

Physical Attraction? I have to admit, at first I wasn't too sure (I mean after the first date). But he was such a sweet guy that it warranted a second date. And I'm glad. Because after the second date, physical attraction... Check. (Except that on this date, he wore shorts and I noticed he shaved his legs, because he does triathlons, oh well. haha)

Stable? It would seem so. Doesn't come across as someone who is careless with money or swimming in a tonne of debt. Check.

Communication? Check. Pleasant and personal. Doesn't hog the conversation by telling me ALL about himself. Doesn't expect me to do all the work by just throwing a standard cold interview question like - so tell me about yourself?

Age? Ten years older. Check. Just nice for me IMO. I still do prefer older men... but I think 20 years is too much.

But dating is confusing. Not everything is as it seems. I am enjoying it so far. There's someone from my past that I thought was worth a revisit... ( but he's a little Hot Cold.. you know? keen one minute, and cold shoulder the next minute. So I might not bother. Don't like games).

And then there's that other date which made it to second date too... but he works overseas a lot...

And S ( the date I'm talking abt here), just dropped a whopper on me. I can't tell you what it is.. too personal... and at the moment, none of my business really. But everyone comes with baggage... and just when you think baggage just came in a few forms... life gives you a real oddly shaped one (!).

It's too early to make decisions anyway. At this stage, I just have to get to know people more.

So how has dating been going? I'd say fine... i'm not dating as frequently and intensively as I was two years ago. But it's a comfortable pace. And considering I have only been out with 4 people, having only 2 of those dates turn out shitty ... well... pretty good odds.

Have you ever been halfway through a first date and then suddenly realise it's not something you want to pursue? Perhaps he turned up in crocs or you didn't like the gaps in his teeth or maybe he smells bad.

But girls, strangely enough... with some men, rejection is a turn on. He won't take no for an answer and instead pursue you with even greater effort. I've only just realised that the trick is to make him think he's not into you. Get him to turn you down.

Holly Jean's Top 10 Ways to Escape A Second Date (or cut the first date short)

1. Drink too much and start Shouting

2. Order the most expensive dish on the menu and then eat one spoonful of it only.

3. Develop a strange Twitch

4. Demand that he choose right there and the between you and his mother.

5. Smear your make up disgustingly

6. Eat with your Mouth Open

7. In a silent moment, stare at him, and when he notices you staring, break out in a maniacal laugh.

8. Repeat step 7 at various points throughout the evening

9. Talk about your plans to marry and have kids by the end of the year.

10. Piss your pants or pick your nose


OK OMG I'm running late! Got to shower and go to the SONY Bravia 3D Tv launch! Excited! Bye!


  1. Anonymous2:27 pm

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg thanks for the tips! Holly Jean's Top 10 Ways to Escape A Second Date made me laugh so hard!
    Tip number 7 will work well with me :P

    Glad your dating is going well so far :)

  2. Anonymous5:28 pm

    i like 7 and 8!! wish i had thought of those before! =P

    hope all's well with ya! =)

  3. haha .. . . loved your top 10s(:

  4. Anonymous10:02 pm

    wats the baggage??

    If he has an ex wife... drop him! She will always be in the 'picture' especially if it's a recent divorce or worse still if she's dependent on him (alimony etc).

    Trust me, I know from experience. It's worse than a bad mother in law.

  5. Is the someone from your past also 10 years older?

  6. I would imagine points 7 and 8 to be hilarious in an actual situation. Thank you for making my day!

  7. nope.just 3 years older.

    but very baffling. Like some days we will talk and I think he's interested. And other days he ignores me.

    I dunnoe.. maybe he's trying to protect himself from me cos he doesn't want to be rebound or something. Not sure why he's being like tht.

    just got to move on without him in my options I guess. But I just don't know why he's playing the hot cold thing on me.

  8. Anonymous12:22 am

    Haha. Do men you date read your blog? Or know tt you blog about them? Just curious cos I was wondering how it'd be like if a guy(since i'm female) I dated blogged about our date!

  9. Hj well done! That list was amazingly hilarious!! Bloody hell, twitching??!!! Hahhahahahahaha.... How come we ve never heard of S before?? Did you blog about your first date with him??? This is exciting girl!

  10. Anonymous8:17 am

    Interesting that Holly equates 'stable' with money. Tells you a lot about someone's real motives.

  11. anon8.17 - of course a big part of being Stable in life means nbot being in debt and living within one's means. Being stable with money doesn't mean he has to be RICH.

    Interesting that you weed out things like that and then try to twist it. What have I ever done to you?

    @Macy - yeah... new date. plus he drove all the way over to my place in pasir ris (from CBD) during lunch/coffee time yest, just so he can spend a bit of time with me. How sweet is he?!!

    BUt yeah.. i really wish i could discuss his baggage and hear your opinions. It's making me more and more apprehensive, but it's moving slowly anyway, and not exclusive, I'm still dating other guys.

    His baggabe is too private, and not my story to tell.

  12. anon12.22 - some do know of my blog, through the magic of google.

    some I tell upfront.

    some (surprisingly) dont know abt my blog because the whole date they're focused on themselves. I KID YOU NOT. like they ask what i do and i say something like.. oh i write.

    and suddenly the conversation revolves around what they do for work and their interests etc.

    But I don't reveal their identities. Lol.. maybe dating Holly Jean will be a social stigma soon... and men will have to do it secretly ... lol

  13. Anonymous1:43 pm


  14. hmmmmm maybe he has a criminal record???? Hahaha sorry just cldnt help guessing... *Im picturing Prison Break here*

  15. Anonymous10:46 am

    Holly, where did you get to know those guys you are dating? You always seem to have a long queue of guys waiting to date you. =)

  16. dee dee7:08 pm

    hey what is the breed of your friend's white dog? it's so cute! is it a white schnauzer? because i have one that looks exactly like it :)


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