Sunday Lemmings

People have been asking where I got my pink cheong sum dress when I put a Quick Pic of it up in my side bar last week.

It's from Gipsy Scarlet! I love it... it's sexy without being trampy. It's feminine (and pink! But also available in a few other colours). The material has a bit of stretch in it so it's comfy and fits well. And the quirky thing about it is that the traditional cheong sum fastners has been replaced by a metal zipper.

Snapped this pic before my date and he loved the outfit by the way. :)

(The bag in the background is from Xquisis.)


Yesterday was the ettusais February Birthday Party! It's an event for members who are Feb babies. Organised by Sarah and Sherry.. (Great job girls!)

I'm a Sept baby, but I went down to join in the fun.... and also so I could wear my new dress from The199Shop (came in the mail that morning itself! I didn't even iron it lol).. The necklace is also from them.

But I'll give you something else to lem about...

No! Not the cakes at the birthday party!

The Melty Touch Rouge!!! Which is a limited edition Lipstick! But I'll tell you more about it next week.


I met Mark (my ex) for a quick coffee outside Isetan Scotts because I arrived half an hour early for the B'dae party and he happened to be at Borders. I don't know what to say... it was like so familiar and easy, and yet so hard. You know?

Ok... I'm off to Sentosa now to watch S compete in some aqualathon (might have spelt that wrongly... whatever... lol). [DO NOT jump the gun people.. not my BF]. Not an important race for him, only a short one. But it's all part of his prep leading up to the half iron man in a few weeks. How exciting. (But I hope I don't get bored to death sitting there alone in the crowd today... if I twit a lot, then you know the answer lol0


  1. Anonymous11:42 am

    how did u know he was at borders? u guys are still updating each other on your wherabouts?!

  2. no... i was in the area (town) and he's usually there for lunch . creature of habit.

  3. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Sounds like you and S are getting cosy quickly if you are watching him train :)!?

  4. Anonymous11:24 pm

    S is white as well?
    Any pics to share?


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