Sunday Lemmings

My Fav Brazilian Wax place TheGoldDust has now expanded to sell lingerie :) Do check out the sexy babydolls and brazilian cut undies in time for Valentine's Day.


This week, I got a new sexy White Dress with silver beading around the neck from Missy-Jay's CNY collection. Love it! It's slinky and very flattering to most figures. The halter neckline is made up of ropes of silver beads.
Mark's best friend C was in SG for the weekend so we all went down to Morton's at Mandarin Oriental for dinner. Love mortons!

Today (Sunday) we're going to have a big Sunday brunch because it's my grandparent's (dad's mom and dad) 60th anniversary! 60TH!!!!! Imagine that!
:( Mark won't be able to make it though, since his friend is only in SG for 3 days. Show u pics of the event tmrw.
Also, my fellow shopaholics, the site has been revamped.


  1. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Hey Holly, I feel you look better in your personal pictures than studio shots. You look more natural and prettier


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