Get Valentine's Day Potraits of You and Your Love!

Pink Elephant Labs specialises in family, newborn, maternity and children's photography. Their shoots are usually bright, colourful and lots of fun and that's pretty much the style of their photography.
So precious! I wish my parents had studio pics taken of me when I was a baby!!
They do both outdoor and indoor shoots. Studio package starts at $118/outdoor packages start at $298.

Grab their V-day promo offer at just $50!
And you'll get 20mins in front of the camera (in-studio), 5 x 5R prints (with high-resolution files).
The images go through post-processing to ensure that you get the best pictures. It's always a great idea to get High-resolution files to keep, that way you can print Huge pictures to put up on walls or use the images for other things later on ( like creating calendars/ coffeetable books).
I think it's a fab idea to get professionally taken couple shots with your GF/BF ! But it's also sweet as a parent and child shot, best friends or sisters, etc.
If you want to add on to this Valentine's package, you can opt for individual poses, the cost for 1 adult is $20 (session will be extended by 15 minutes). This covers the cost of the additional time added to the session, and any prints ordered is separate.
The Valentine's promotion is only for 5th, 6th and 7th Feb. Sessions available from 9 am to 5 pm. But you have to reserve your preferred session asap :Call 97821958 !

I had a Valentine's session done there 2 days ago. And because Mark was overseas, I brought my best friend N instead. :)

No worries if you've never done this kinda thing before, the atmosphere is relaxed and the photographer knows how to put people at ease. In just five minutes we were all laughing, smiling and having fun with their Valentine's Themed props!

Click Here to check out their Facebook Fan Page.
Contact: 97821958

(Blogshops owners who are looking to get professional shots of their collections done, do contact them!)
Will share more pics later on. Heading out to dinner now....
P/s- Dresses N & I wore for the shoot were from ClubCouture, ApparelAffair & BlackhairPins.


  1. Anonymous9:57 pm

    where did you get the hairbands from? You look amazing too!

  2. yah i know!! Nice ah!! I esp like the ones my friend N wore.

    They were part of the props tht pink elephant Labs had for Valentine's shoot.

  3. Anonymous10:53 pm

    OMG, where did you get both the dresses that you wore? So pretty! :D

  4. The dresses are lovely! Wish i was in sg. =(

  5. Anonymous10:44 am

    I love the shots HJ!

    Colours are nice. I 'll ask my BB tonite if we can get our couple shots {=

  6. Anonymous7:23 pm

    I think this photographer is very substandard. Made you look so old and not to forget that poor little Indian girl!

  7. What in the world??? That woman posing with the little indian girl is NOT me lah. That's the Indian girl's mother.

    My shoot with my friend N, is only the last 5 pics of the post. If you read, it's pretty clear.

    but even if you don't read and just look at the pics.. can't u tell when it's someone completely diffferent... like diffn hair texture, hair colour, cut, diff eyes, diff nose, smile, diff body too... :S


  8. Anonymous11:09 pm

    he made you look old. of coz i can recognize you. but that poor little girl with her mother.... the little girl looks like a granny.

  9. Anonymous12:54 am

    Sweet! Nice pics...

  10. Anonymous1:35 am

    Asshole Anon,
    photographers can't "make a person" look a certain way. They take photos of people as they are. They can enhance your environment and capture ur best moments, if any. It's not a plastic surgery service much less a makeover service. If u can find a photography service that can make me look like angelina jolie let me know i'd pay for it. Otherwise you're just one fugly asshole trying to pick on everyone because u 1. Hate every single photo u've been in because u look like crap 2. Have really ugly kids. N i mean uglier than benjamin button at birth ugly.

  11. Anonymous1:42 am

    at 30, isn't it only fair for SOME signs of aging to show? and she looks young for her age. give us women a break :(

  12. Anonymous1:47 am

    esp. the last pic, she only looks mid-20s

  13. Distant Observer2:33 am

    To be fair, Anon 7:23 was just giving comments about his opinions on the photographer's skills not bringing out the best, not saying HJ looks old so I think name calling is a little below the belt in this case.

  14. Anonymous3:43 am


  15. So she has lotsa bestfriends lol..

  16. @anon7.23 - oh ok. For a moment I thougtht u had mistaken the woman posing with the little girl as me. lol. which really puzzled me. lol

    as for looking old in these pics... actually I don't see it... I think I look the same as in real life. If anything, the pics look better... like there's a glow on the skin. that's IMO.

    @anon3.43 - i dont keep many friends, so the ones i do call my friends are the very best ones.

    here's the ranking ( for those interested) lol-

    All time Best Friend - F (in indon)
    All time Cousin like a sister to me - O (in australia)
    best friend - N (in singapore)
    good male friend- A (in denmark now, but this friendsip hasn't really stood the test of distance. but I stil love him la)
    Best childhood friend - S (in sg but just got married in dec)


  17. Anonymous11:36 am

    Anon 1:35 AM
    I don't dig it that you see everything as malicious criticism. That poor guy was just giving comment on the photographer's skill, not attacking HJ.
    Have some common sense aight.

  18. Anonymous1:47 pm

    i think u look nice but there is nothing special about the picture-taking.

  19. Anonymous2:02 pm

    How is it that I can take the same photo with Holly and it's How is it that I can take the same photo with Holly and it's the photographer's 'substandard skills' that makes her 'look old'?

    If u want to make a comment about the photos then do so, n include everyone in it. U r obviously picking on Hols and my god, what did that little girl do to u?

    You've got serious issues.


  20. Anonymous2:41 pm

    I actually like the pics. Esp the last one. It's a nice face shot. love your eyes.

    And that little girl looks fine what. Not a supermodel, but she's like only 10? Come on. Nothing better to comment, then don't comment la.

  21. Anonymous3:47 pm

    i think u guys r stupid and narrow-minded. if i hv something against holly, i won't be following her blog. i just think the photographer is not good at all. and as one of you mentioned, it is nothing special. holly does not look old, but the pictures did nothing for her. look at her club couture pictures, they are flattering, just not those from pink elephant. as for the little girl... seriously, the photographer is suppose to choreograph her, or direct her. she looks like a granny, meaning her poses are too old for her age and all, especially her makeup and outfit. she lacks innocence for a 10 yr old. you guys should stop this attack on comments and be more open-minded. I am going to stop following this blog because i think i am not on the same line as most of you reading it.

  22. yea, seriously i also feel some of u are too harsh on him. I understand where he's coming from. I used to work for a photography studio too and sometimes diff photographers have diff working styles thus diff results.

    I agree her Club Couture shots are breathtaking compared to these. I think hes just expressing his opinions guys and i feel awful for this dude.

  23. Anonymous10:00 am

    Where is the dress from in the 3rd last pic?

  24. tht one is sold out already.. had it ages ago. From clubcouture if i'm not wrong.

  25. Anonymous11:31 pm

    apparently holly is dumb too not to comment anything about her stupid reader comments. heyhoe, holly jean. HJ, you shld really control the shit that is going through your blog.

  26. Anonymous12:57 pm

    HJ is a bimbo.


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