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Accessories Anyone??

I got new stuff... :)

First, I got sick of my pink wallet... so I got this long brown one from the Accessorize sale :)

My black bag with gold trim and a cute dangly bear is from Xquisis.

Very roomy inside. Love it. Oh and the elmo keychain I got from Cheers supermarket lol.
I also got my Cream espadrilles from Xquisis. It's a nice casual sandal yet it has a heel... goes well with my dresses as well as shorts. And I got my eye on their new Braided bags :) If you order from xquisis.livejournal.com , you can quote HOLLYJ and you get free postage.
I don't think there'll ever be a day when I say I have enough bags or shoes. Dunnoe what's wrong with me. :S

This week on My Fat Pocket, my column is on New Year Resolutions Every Single Woman Should Make. One of my favourite sections on MyFatPocket is Fashion Spotting.
They take candid pics of people off the street (usually in town) and for the Fashion Hits, they also show a pic of a celebrity in a similar style, plus items of that style which you can purchase in Singapore (includes prices!). And for the Fashion Misses, well... it's hilarious.

I'm actually worried one day I might see myself pictured as a Fashion Mistake! Sometimes when I am staying over at Marks place, I walk to the supermarket/coffee bean/ettusais office/ food court in town wearing shorts, singlet, flipflops, no make up, messy greasy hair. *fingers crossed*

Ok, maybe I'm safe this weekend ... lol.. cos I got a nice white tube dress to wear... it's for a friend's going away dinner. Show u pics soon!


  1. I believe for women, it's never enough when it comes to accessories. Countless of times, I've heard the same story of "Ok, no more shopping after this, I've got too many pairs of shoes (example ler)"... 2 days down the road, I hear the same person saying that she just brought another pair shoe. LOL

    How like that? But then, I always feel that, you earn those money, you've the right to do what you want with those money. If shopping is the best way to part with those moolah then by all mean, shop! :D

  2. Guilty As Charged9:58 pm

    Haha Mike Yip.. u made me laugh out loud when i read ur comment - "Ok, no more shopping after this..."

    cos I've said it countless times myself... and I'm still buying more!

    u really been around of lot of women huh :)

  3. Josephine11:24 pm

    hi holly, i am thinking of getting the wedges, is it comfy?

  4. yup. the heel isn't very high. straps are ok. so far so good for me.


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