Good News & Bad News

It's 2010!

And ettusais is going to pick one ambassador to win the 1st prize of $3000 + a Toshiba portege laptop! The results will be out on 8 Jan at the ettusais’ website !

This is the laptop the winning ambassador will get. Loove the Glossy Iron Red one... it's a beauty! The T110/T130 Portege series of Toshiba laptops are slim, light weight and the battery power lasts 11 hours! Click to find out more about this laptop.
GOOD NEWS is ... you stand a chance to win this gorgeous laptop too!

Toshiba is giving away 3 sets! All you have to do is play Tokyo Time Warp. It's a game on Facebook. 3 winners who have qualifying high points will be picked randomly to win the Laptops. (There are like 100 other prizes too)

Before you start playing, you'll have to pick your character. There's Ninja, Geisha, Otaku, Kawaii and Samurai. Each Character has a different set of skills. I picked a Geisha and named her Hoshi (which means Star in Japanese).

Now Hoshi ( or whatever YOUR character's name is) will have to roam Tokyo town and conquer all the challenges before she finally battles Badzilla.
Tokyo town has been affected by a Time Warp... so it's a fusion of Old Tokyo and Modern Tokyo.

You can earn points by
- playing and training in Tokyo Town- playing in Baddzilla Island
- inviting a friend (they become part of your Clan)
The more pple u get to join your “clan”, the more points you can get!

- For Bonus Points, type in (copy) this code when u register 3otprg1e0e
Have Fun playing and good luck!

Now... The Bad News is... The ambassador programme has ended... in fact, this is my last post as an ettusais ambassador. Not sure if I'm going to sign on for another year with them, we're still discussing. :)

If you asked me what I loved most about being an ettusais ambassador this past 1 year... I'd struggle to pick just one thing.
Could it be the all the fabulous ettusais products I got to try out?
Could it be the valuable tips and make up skills I picked up at the ettusais workshops?or all the fun Girls' Days Out they organised?Perhaps it's the exposure I got from being an ambassador?Maybe it's having been able to share ettusais with all my readers and girlfriends?Or the fact that in this one year, I turned from someone who hardly wore make up to someone who is confident and knows how to look her best?Could the best thing about the year be the new friendships I made with my fellow ambassadors and the staff at ettusais?Maybe the bests moments were when I had the opportunity to reach out and help others out there who have skin problems? Looking back at all these experiences, it makes me realise that though the year has gone by so quickly, it's been one great journey filled with new experiences and many meaningful and memorable moments.
It's been a great year for all of us... I wonder what’s in store this year for the ettusais ambassadors... :)


  1. That's such a pity... I have never bought Ettusais although I love to read your posts on them. More of the price being way out for me. =)

  2. Celestina7:57 am

    Me too have not tried any ettusais products.

    I've always wanted to ask you, could you list down perhaps top 5 or watever yr favourite products from ettusais? This will greatly help readers like myself who are lost on want to buy....

    This is just for reference of course : )

  3. My number 1 prodt is def their Blusher. My fav is RD1 but PK1 is nicer if ur fair skinned.

    Number 2 - lip essence

    number 3- lip gloss (but dun buy this yet as they have a new lip essence and gloss launching around now, so I cant wait to try the new ones out)

    number 4- Daytime defense powder. It's light, gives good coverage ( unless u have bad skin, in which case u'll have to go for zeroporepact or something with more coverage.

    Number 5 - their eye essence and the tinted eye zone one too...

  4. Celestina10:25 am

    Tks HJ! Have noted down everything : )

  5. haha..i am huge fan of etthusais too!by the way...the pic of u wear the floral brown dress with a zipper in the front..i got the same dress as u!haha..

    take a look here!


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