Crappy Sky Dining On The Singapore Flyer

Update[2nd Mar]: Just had a wonderful dinner experience on the Flyer last week. Excellent service recovery. Very impressed with their standard now. Read Post Here.

Update[5th Jan, 6.45pm]: Just got a response from them. They apologised for the service lack and made a very magnanimous gesture to have their guest chef serve a special menu just for my BF and myself in a private capsule.

However, since Mark will be going to the UK for a couple of weeks, we won't be able to do so until next month. Will update you guys on my sky dining experience (if we do indeed go for it) next month.
How did I spend my New Year's eve?
Well... had dinner on the Singapore flyer... but it was CRAP. (Tell you more about it later). I got my dress for just $10 at a Cotton On sale : ) . I bought the exact same one for my friend N, and she wore it on NYE too lol.
It takes 30 minutes for one rotation on the flyer. Our dinner had 2 rotations, the first rotation we had a starter and the next rotation we were served our main course. Each dining capsule had 5 tables. I found the setting ok, spacious enough, and the views were great.

This is my pissed off face. lol. Cos many crap things happened and the FINE dining experienced we were promised, wasn't that fine afterall. The bruchetta thingy was stale tasting, food was cold, and service not that great. More of that at end of this post.

But all was not lost. We made our way to the Loof (Odeon Towers) after the Flyer, and we had our countdown there instead.


  1. Wow, that is really bad. Hope they do a good service recovery.

    I was on their sky dining once when they just started. The service was pretty good. Hope this is just an isolated case.

  2. Anonymous8:51 pm

    That was real bad. Well, months back, a couple got their wedding solemnisation screw-up. All guests end up at the VIP lounge instead of the event in the capsule. Just be glad it does not happen to one of yr life's biggest moment. =)

  3. Anonymous11:59 pm

    hey hj, sounds shit but maybe u ll come to laugh @ it one day. My nye was horrible too and i cringed thinking about it - it was plain nasty.

    I had sky dining experience before @ d cable car and it was nice and food was beautiful. Everything was romantic. Sorry abt ur experience, hope they r able to offer some sort of compensation.

  4. Anonymous12:24 am

    Crap! Should've gone to Blu@Shangri-La. Just went there last mth, and food was A, service was A******! Spent abt $400, but totally worth it. Sky-dining's not my kinda thing 'cos seriously I would love to linger. (Yeah, I'm that kinda customer. Haha) But it's great that u're warning others out there.. Such bad service. Grr


  5. oh dear... what a disappointment. I've yet to go on the Flyer ( esp since it jammed last year and ppl were stuck for hours!)

    Do post their reply when you get it, I am interested to hear their explanation and what they will do to rectify the situation.

  6. Anonymous6:10 am

    hj maybe u shd write in to the newpaper or straits times abt this. Honestly its one cock up to another with sg flyer. It's embarrassing! They are really taking in alot of money from people but it seems they have a nonchalent attitude abt their service. Im absolutely disgusted n pissed.

  7. Anonymous6:12 am

    hj maybe u shd write in to the newpaper or straits times abt this. Honestly its one cock up to another with sg flyer. It's embarrassing! They are really taking in alot of money from people but it seems they have a nonchalent attitude abt their service. Im absolutely disgusted n pissed.

  8. Celestina7:47 am

    Indeed a crap experience u had with such a high price tag!!
    The complaint letter was well written & I do agreed that you shld write to the forum page as well. At least more ppl will be awared! I do hope more guests that nite will follow suit on the complain, just cant let such service affect Singapore's image!

    well at least the count down brought a big smile on yr face : )

  9. wa so crappy! I also took the Flyer recently and the capsule was smelly. :P

  10. Ur pissed of look kinda scary, lol.
    But still hot!!

  11. Goodness!!! I am astounded. Because I LOOOOVVEE the cable car sky dining. Try that instead! So memorable. Just love it. Plus, there is definitely a better view from the cable car route than Flyer!

  12. Anonymous3:15 am

    Quite gd compensation i say! Lets hope action speaks louder than words this time. Will the incident still be reported in the papers? Sorry not in sg, have no idea whats happening there. :/

  13. Anonymous8:34 am

    Neever go to cable car for dining. Imagine through the whole journey, both of us have to hold onto our cups from toppling. We are struggling to finish our food each round..

  14. @anon3.15 - yes, gd compensation. but they cannot give me my NYE back,... and i kinda dont really feel like going back there to eat again.. like it left a damn bad taste in my mouth. But I'm sure this next time it'll be better service/food.

    Jyoan- I've looked at cable car dining before, and found the set up not so desirable.. like crampt looking. but i am sure the views were excellent!

    @anon8.43 - eeks!

  15. "It's hardly the fine dining experience that they boast about. Very deceptive marketing. You don't get what you pay for."

    Usual issue in Singapore nowadays... I cut down on even food hence. Which means nothing much to spend on really.

    It's nice the Flyer ain't threatening to sue you... LOL~

  16. Anonymous2:31 am

    Dun understand what you are saying above.

    Why would the flyer sue Holly Jean anyway? Because she said she didn't get what she paid for and that the marketing is deceptive?

    It's true what!

    Think before you speak Scope!

    Anyway, I think her husband is a lawyer anyway.

  17. Anonymous10:10 am

    Hi Holly,

    Perhaps you should highlight this expensive and unpleasant experience to the Singapore Tourism Board instead of the flyer's management.

    This certainly examplifies what we can look forward to when the IR opens.

  18. Anonymous6:33 pm

    I believe Scope does think before speaking, Anon 2:31 AM!
    An Indonesian woman was sued by the hospital because she complained about its service! It was in the news!
    And the statement by Scope was clearly a reference to that!!!!!!

  19. Anonymous2:06 pm

    anon 2.31 - What husband??? Lol

  20. I think anon 2.31 meant BF. :)


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