Year End Blogger Hat-py Party 2009

Just got home a while ago... I was at the year end blogger Hat-py Party organised by the wonderful peeps of .The venue was the Singapore Arts Museum (SAM)...And the museum has this new hexagon lighting thingy on the facade of the building now...So every few minutes, the projection changes and the building sort of morphs! Soooo pretty :) Great venue for a party, or wedding dinner too ( if you can fit enough tables into the courtyard ....)Dress code was ... as you can guess... Hats! :) My bestfriend N came along with me... Plenty of familiar faces there... mi amigo Krisandro... and Diane had superduper cute Lamb head gear... but I forgot to take pics with her :(The buffet was gooood.. yummy prawns... and tasty baby baked potatoes... but I didn't take pics of the food, sorry, too focused on eating. Some people had really crazy hats... but the winner of the most crazy hat that night went to this girl...

... Viking princess! Her partner (maybe BF) wore the male version, huge ass viking horns.

Then..... I won the 3rd prize in the lucky draw!! ($300 Singtel Vouchers) That's Claudia handing me my prize...and Ben in the background. (Thanks to for pic above) Smith with the Hershey's Kisses hat won 2nd prize ($500 Singtel vouchers). And someone else won the 1st prize, a phone.

OK.. had a great evening there... but now, it's bed time. When I wake up, I'll write my last post for 2009.


  1. Anonymous12:52 pm

    ur so prety~
    yeah~, am the first one~

  2. Yo babe! Thank you so much for joining us at the Party. =)))

    Your flyer post swee la! I like.



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