Phuket The Second Time Round

I actually started this post with some stuff that's been on my mind. But then I logged back on to edit this post and take that part away.

I figured it was a bit too raw and personal actually. Will share more once I've figured stuff out in my head. But meanwhile... don't worry.

Here are some holiday pics....We stayed at the Sheraton Laguna again...
The Winters hosted a Christmas day lunch. Great food.... great company.... it was a great day that ended too soon... The cute elephants are still at the resort, and made an appearance at the Christmas party. I got some new accessories from a sale at SIX ::: and I brought it all up to Phuket.And I did my nails like butterflies and snowflakes. :)Had dinner at a new place called Acqua. Had foie gras again... and yes it was supremely delicious... and no, I will not view any more videos/emails on cruelty to geese, so don't send them to me. Even chickens and cows and whatever else animal you eat aren't having a fab time at the farms and slaughter houses ok...
I wore my new dress to Acqua! Looove this dress! It's a hot pink body con from Club Couture.
I love the colour, the fit, the lace detail and the zip on the back. It's supposed to be my new year's eve dress.. but I couldnt wait. It's the latest from ClubCouture... ELEORA PINK DRESS (click) but if you click and the link doesn't work, means they've sold out.


Update 29th dec

OMG. The eleora pink dress has sold out already! For those who managed to get your order in, congrats!!! Am sure you'll love it! But for those who didn't, sorry.... but you can check out the other NYE party worthy dresses at ClubCouture.
[code HOLLYJ15 upon checkout for 15% off, valid for 1 time purchase]


  1. Anonymous9:24 pm

    It's always harder to be a gal, coz we expect so much love and everything but we'll never know what the guy is really up to or if he really loves us. That is why we can never ever put our hope too high, else we gonna hurt more when it's not working.

  2. Anonymous9:59 pm

    hey holly..
    my bf of 2years just broke up with me.
    all i wish right now is for him to give us 1 more chance n time to work out our differences.
    Cos in my heart of hearts, i know we could make it good.

    So all i'mma i wanna say to u is to treasure what u have, make de best out of it,dun second guess.. and never hesitate.


  3. Anonymous11:03 pm

    that dress is gorgeous on you! im thinking of buying it too. wondering if you're wearing a small or medium size?


  4. I'm a UK 6 or 8. and I got this dress in Small. Fits ok. not too tight and it is pretty stretchy.

  5. hey HJ!

    I envy u for havin a chance to try again. n realli hope that u all can reach the finishing line tgt.

    I broke up wit my bf. n all i wan is a chance. but it is something that will nv come.

    pls treasure it! really wish that it will turn out fine for u! :D

  6. Anonymous5:38 am

    hey holly what do u think is ur best physical asset? Seems to me you like ur legs most since u always show them off n ya right, you have great legs, i wish i have them!

    Since u know some of the modelling secrets, what wld u suggest for a thin n lean frame? I have figure as such but that also means not being chesty (fortunately i have a butt!) n though im not too bothered, it kinda sucks sometimes when u dont fill out in that region esp in figure hugging dresses. I dont have fab legs like urs so no shorty short dresses for me. Do you have any suggestion or advice?

  7. hmm.... even though I'm not disappointed with the state of my legs... I've never considered them my best asset. Think they're quite normal.

    I used to think my abs were my best asset. But it's hard to upkeep them now as i get older... :( ha... though it's still flat, it's not defined enough now for me to label it my best asset anymore.

    I think now it's my eyes.

    as for filling out dresses... i know what u mean! u got to work with what you have.. nice shoulders? show those off... try different styles and see what suits you. halters? tubes? togas?

    and girlfriend... there's always fabulously engineered push up bras for those hot nights out. and they DO make a big difference.

    other than tht.. u either need to gain more weight, or go for boob job.

    so I'd say, don't worry about it. get a nice push up bra for dresses which plunge or only look good witha fuller chest. And for most other times, check out wat the runway models are wearing.. look at how the clothes hang off them ( and their flat chests)... see what looks good. and adopt tht style.

  8. Anonymous3:17 pm

    erm, are you wearing push up bra?

  9. @anon3.17 with the hot pink dress? no. just normal bra.

    with push up bra, looks more like this

  10. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Erm...but the push-up bra pic in the pink tank top somehow didn't give much cleavage though...just looked more padded up...hmmm...maybe no push-up bra nicer...or you forgot to push the boobs together in the push-up bra? heee heee heeee

  11. Anonymous12:17 am

    amt of cleavage shown depends on how low the neckline is mah, unless u want her cleavage up to her collerbone?! haha

  12. Anonymous6:03 am

    hey hj thanks for ur advice to my qn. I think u looked amazing in the pink tank top, that caught my attention actually.

    You got me excited with da push up bra, gal! I wldnt wanna get a boob job - never. Honestly i dont really wanna be chesty, i dont really like full figure. Its just that sometimes certain dresses looks nicer with fuller chest. I just wanna be a lil chesty for those moments lol.

    N i cant gain weight for nuts but im not complaining much abt it cos my passion is eating. :)

    Thanks again HJ! You looked smokin hot in that pink dress, even with normal bra, uve nice cleavage in a toned, athletic way which is what i prefer. :)

  13. I LOVE this bra!!! I wear it as much as possible because it's super comfy, fits perfectly and is skin tone so it doesn't show through t shirt fabric. plus, the straps are switchable- so you can switch em to be cross-back, etc. So it's convenient for that. I love playtex bras !


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