It's That Time Again...

... for random updates!

Thank you for all your concern (regarding previous post). I'm very touched by those who made the effort to share with me, through the comments section as well as via emails. I will try not to dwell on the issue... but just take life as it comes for now.ok, enough emo talk... Check out my new Bracelet... is it sweet or what!?It's from BirdNestFern which sells one of a kind pieces of jewellery. And they can custom make/design to your specifications as well. :) Loooove the accessories there, all so fairytale like and pretty!
If you're planning to get some pretty accessories for yourself (or as gifts) this Christmas, better hurry -10 Days to Christmas!
Just heard the news that Wesley's (my bro) short film Kissing Faces is going to be screened at the Rotterdam Film Fest in January next year. I'll be going with him! Whoo hoo! Holland here I come!!!
This week is going to be a busy but FUN week! I have an ettusais dinner event on Thursday ( will be wearing a new dress! whee!).

It's Girls' Day Out on Saturday. Those of you who are going, come say hi if you see me ok. I'll be there at about 2.30pm. Readers Jessica & Shareefah, I sent your passes out yesterday. Do let me know once you receive them.
I can't believe it's already been a year that I've been an ettusais ambassador! The year has passed so quickly! I am not sure if I'll be continuing my role for ettusais next year as well... it will depend on a number of things... hopefully it will possible to share more ettusais make up stuff with you all next year too :)
Also... I have a new ambassadorship role next year. And it's to do with Fashion. There's a photo shoot for it this Sunday morning... really looking forward to it, but I can't reveal any more just yet.
That's actually all the updates for now...

I am actually a bit bored right at this moment so I'm going to show you random bits of everyday stuff...
This is what my desktop looks like.
This is what my wallet looks like.

This is my new brown distressed leather (aka bag I bought earlier today ( from Bedok!) only $25 :)

I'd take a pic of Bailey too... but I can't find him at this moment... probably snoozing in a dark corner somewhere.


  1. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Sweet wittle geewaf ;) What creative little elves Santa has :)

  2. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Cute giraffe, Jean.
    Welcome in advance to Holland. Rotterdam is a great place, I love to hang around there, though I live abt 30mins drive away from it. Remember to dress warm, as it's very cold still by then. :)

  3. hey sweet holly ! i received the passes and i absolutely love your little note!! hello kitty and PINK! MY ABSOLUTE LOVE ! anw its really sweet of you to include your little note, feel really touched! aww!

    and yeah i'll definitely say hi if i see you on sat yeah! thanks holly, loves !

    p/s: might be a lil late, but regarding your prev post, if he's the right one he'll be. no worries, your right one will definitely appear sooner or later, and if mark's the one, everything will just be fine! afterall you n mark have went thru alot together, so, have faith, im sure god have set his eyes on the perfect guy for u already ;)

    love, jess

  4. Congrats to your bro. Tell me more of his film.

    Forgot to mention that I've also put up the Good Ol' Days posting on my "official" blog at NS Portal:

  5. Shareefah8:23 pm

    Hi Holly

    Received the passes yest!! Thanx!!
    That little pink note.. cute :>

    will C u on sat.. That is if i manage to see u!!

    Enjoy ur week...


  6. Anonymous2:47 am

    Hey is the flea opened to public? I like your wallet! Able to share where you got it from?

  7. @anon 2.47

    What flea???
    If u meant Film - then yes. will let readers know details when the time comes.

    If u meant the clothes sale at Girls day out, then No. need passes. But it's over ( LAST sat) anyway.


    pink wallet is a softn calf leather one I got in Autralia a while ago ( not the last trip). Brand is something funny sounding - like Antonini or something.. lol. ( not aussie brand)


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