How To Do A Tantric Massage!

This week on , my column is on How to set up your own home spa. It's inexpensive and a great way to treat your BF/GF to a nice sensual spa experience. Plus I teach you the basic techniques on how to do Tantric massage :)
Two Tone Lips make up tutorial, here:

Just 3 days to the New Year! Woot!


  1. lol. u know holly, it's just glamorized mutual masturbation.

  2. no it's not!!!! have u tried it?

    It's got nothing to do with glamour, but it has everything to do with touch, connection and sensuality.

    and not mutual either... as in.. its not you touch my privates then I touch yours. but nost often, the giver gives,the receiver purely surrenders and recieves. positions are not swapped in that session/night.

    Try try try!

  3. LOL i googled and found out that there is a tantric spa in Singapore. But I mean would you allow a stranger finger you in a spa? So weird!

  4. I do feel tht tantric massages shld be shared by couples and not complete strangers.

    It's intimate and bonding.

    I wldn't pay a complete stranger at a tantric spa. Not when I can charge people money to touch me.. LOL....

  5. LOL!! Anyway, how's everything with you? I hope all's well?


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