Sponsored Trip to Kuching

A few months ago, I flew Malaysia Airlines to a party in Penang. And I was very impressed with the great value and service.

So, of course, I'm very pleased that I've just been made an SG Blogger for Malaysia Airlines!

My inaugral trip as their Blogger is to Kuching! I'm having a pretty good time here.

Checking in is a painless process.
You can do a Web Check In through the Malaysian Airlines Website and arrive at the airport just 1 hour before departure. There are also self service kiosks at KLIA for self check in.
Up to 20 kg baggage allowance (no need to pay extra for baggage allowance if you're a big shopper!)

Malaysia Airlines has The Golden Lounge for first and business class guests. But I was given the privilege of enjoying this perk.

It offers guest complementary food, beverage and internet access.The lounge is very comfortable, it offers a good selection of food and booze so that makes waiting time very enjoyable.Flying with Malysia Airlines is surprisingly good value. It offers extra comfort & convenience compared to travelling with budget airlines. There's better seat pitch (space between two seats – front and back), assigned seating and free food and ammenities. The In-flight services provided by cabin crew is on par with Singapore Airlines. I've mentioned this before when I flew to Penang. And this time round, they still didn't fail to deliver.
As the plane descended on Kuching, I was captivated by the view of natural lush greenery. This city is just 1 hour away from home and yet it's so unlike Singapore! There's a beauty and simple charm about Kuching.
Next couple of Posts - I'll update you on What to See and Where to Eat (yum!) in Kuching.

Visit: http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/ for the latest promotions and best flight deals for your weekend getaway!


  1. Anonymous1:11 am

    proud to be a Malaysian!!

  2. Anonymous6:15 am

    What's with your outfit???

  3. Holly, did you bring along a photograph taker or did Malaysian airlines hired one for you?

    Anyway, any bad comments about the airline? Remember, all good comments are no comments. Be smarter, you need to make a living : )

    Have fun gal!

  4. Celestina2:02 pm

    I think Holly you went wif Mark rite?? & he took the picts?? : )

    btw, shld let yr readers see some picts of both of u, esp after te patch back... shld b so sweet : )

  5. mishmash2:02 pm

    My home town!!!!!

    What are you going there for?

    Look forward to your next post. ;)

  6. Anonymous2:35 pm

    hj, naturally ya obligated to give positive n impressive reviews towards ur sponsor right?

    Not too crazy abt the outfit haha... Hey ur eyes looked damn huge gal! And yes more pics of u n mark!!!

  7. Hi all... I just got home.

    Yes, I went with Mark and he took the photographs.

    I did a lot of stuff there, about to write the next post in a few minutes.

    I've actually gave Malaysia Airlines positive comments when I flew with them a few months ago. That was before I had any association with them. I would not agree to have them as my sponsor now if I thought they were crap! I got to look out for my own image too and credibility.


  8. Anonymous5:59 pm

    I'm so gonna go there one day. Thanks Holly! :D

  9. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Holly .. sorry but i think your leather jacket doesnt match with the entire outfit..infact, everything crashed.....
    firstly, the leather jacket do looks good with the top but the school uniform skirt was way too innocent for the leather jacket... i think a pair of skinny jeans will do it good. The foot wear was extremely off....


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