Perth Update

Sorry for the lack of updates… been on the move since we got here 2 days ago.
Here are some pics of my trip so far…My Grandma :)Dinner at Sirocco with Olivia and Simon.Then off to The Brisbane.... very nice chill out place. Today Mark and I drove to Freemantle...
Must have fish and chips and mussels.. but we found it average. Oysters were fab though! We also went to my little cousin Keisha's birthday party earlier today (5 years old!). :)

OK, got to get a bit of rest Tonight, dinner and then casino… tomorrow we’re driving down to Margaret River.


  1. hey since u're in perth, be sure to check out Kings Street at night. awesome bistro's, cafeterias, pubs and a gay club tt's totally fun. nice cobbled roads.. very UK-ish =)

  2. Hey babe,can i know what foundation you using?

  3. ettusais zero pore pact

  4. Anonymous11:08 am

    hello!where did u get the dress you're wearing in the last couple of pictures?

  5. ;) tht floral dress was sponsored by


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