My Phone Bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got my Starhub bill.

In the 2 days that I spent in Indonesia last month... I racked up SGD$400 on my phone bill. Thank God I wasn't there for like a week or something!

$400 for like 2 days.... that's like more than twice the price of my air ticket there! And I was barely on the phone.

One 25 minute long phone call to my then ex (Mark) was $110 alone (that's more than my usual phone bill for a whole month!). WTF?

Ok... I'm leaving for Kuching tomorrow. Will be back Monday. If not important... don't call me. :( I'm feeling very poor at the moment.


  1. You should invest in some of those international calling cards.

  2. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Roaming is expensive in Indo! I chalked up $150 for 1 night in Bintan. :/


  3. awww.. my bf called me from taiwan that day. He went away for his 3 weeks feild camp and when his back recieving his phone bill, it got us thinking really hard! why the heck did starhub charging him so much!!! 10mins phone call cost him ard S$20++.

    So, i suggested its best to buy overseas top up card instead of using ur own mobile phone auto roaming.

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  5. Lesson learned! :P

  6. Anonymous5:00 am

    few days in bali, damage done: $700+ in phone bills. I wanted to cry my eyes out!

  7. When I was in Kuching for work, my phone bill (Singtel) was at $800+. Highest record holder for non sales personal.

    Better to use international calling card.

    SHouse Of ToTo

  8. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Was in jakarta and made 4 mins call + several sms. Damage = $25

    I swear it was a rip off. What can we consumer do?

    I think its good to start an awareness group to make people aware of the overpriced roaming charges.

    Roaming is convenient yes, but to take advantage of that is quite bad.

  9. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Tell me about it. I spent about $400 on my Starhub Bill on a 5 day trip to Philippines. Yeah, about the call. I called my partner for 15mins and it costs me SGD$50. I agree that we should invest on the calling cards, there (wherever we're travelling too. :D It is paid and you need not worry about mounting bills!


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