Let's Make Up

Hello girls :)
I've taken step by step pics of my basic make up routine so I can share them with you how to get a flawless base. Absolutely no photoshop has been used (I never photoshop my blog pics anyway).

I start with a clean face, moisturised but no make up. Notice that my skin tone is slightly uneven, and there's a small pimple on my cheek (circled in red). Wish I could demo with a bigger pimple... but I rarely get pimples now!
Step 1: Medicated Whitening UV EX dry block (sgd$41)
This is a light weight pre-makeup base with SPF 24PA ++. It's important that I protect my skin from UV rays before I step out of the house. It does not cover pimples (pimple still visible on my cheek) but it prevents breakouts and lightens imperfections. Since it's a pre-makeup base, it keeps my make up on my face longer and prevents shine. The dry block formula is good for dehydrated skin like mine. If you have oily skin, it also comes in an Oil Block formula for you.

Step 2: AC Pore Smooth Concealer(sgd$36)
This concealer only comes in one colour... why? Because unlike other concealers, it doesn't mask your imperfection by coating it with a lighter colour. It actually has very fine particles which disperse light to reduce the look of enlarged pores or imperfections.

When your skin is uneven, your pores look larger because of the shadow caused by light as well as from the shine from excess sebum. So the fine particles in this concealer actually reflects light giving your skin a more even finish.

But don't worry, all these particles do not clog pores, in fact it actually prevents inflamation and helps your skin retain moisture. This product comes with a small spatula... just take a small amount from the jar and dab onto areas of imperfection on your face.

After this step, the skin around my nose and cheek area has evened out and my pimple is no longer visible. Whoohooo!

Step 3: Zero Pore Pact (dry block) (refill :sgd$48, Case sgd$20)
I use the dry block in 30 Beige. If you have oily skin, you can opt for the Oil Block instead. The Zero Pore Pact gives a flawless poreless finish. It's so light that it doesn't flake or cake up. Yet it is able to give smooth and even coverage.
Pimple no longer visible, skin tone evened out, and my face looks bright and fresh. It's so important to get your base make up right because your skin is like a canvas. If you do not get a good flawless base, then no matter how skillful you are in applying colours or how big a cosmetic pallete you have, you're not going to look your best.
After achieving a flawless base, I've opted for a sweet natural look for today. So a lot of soft pinks: Cheek is PK3, Lipgloss PK4, Eyebrows filled in with dark brown eyebrow pencil, no eyeshadow but I highlighted just underneath my brow bone.


  1. Hi HJ,
    Informative post...i'v bought d Medicate Acne SPF (for oily) but seldom use..juz apply Zero Pact for instance..no wonder d effect is not tat great..will try to apply d steps that u offer...thanks.

  2. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Hey Holly Jean, it's my first time applying concealer. I was wondering if i need to use a make-up remover to clean after i use it?

  3. Though sometimes I'm lazy and just use my cleanser. You should use a make up remover even for just concealer. tht wld make sure ur skin is clean of all products.

  4. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Thanks! :)


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