It's Christmas Wardrobe Time!



Actually, before I stock up for Christmas parties and lunches... I got to shop for clothes for my Perth trip next week.

I've got the perfect dress to wear to visit Grandma. (It's spring down under).
Sweet right?! I'm so in love with soft florals now.It's so comfy, and floral flirty. This dress even has a ribbon tie at the back. Mark pointed out that hey it hides my tattoo... but there's no need to hide it... my Grandma's cool. For a almost 90 year old, she's more broad minded than some of the people my age!
That dress is from THEAPPARELAFFAIR.COM which is an online fashion site and not blog shop/livejournal etc. It has exclusive handpicked, designed and manufactured apparels. So you'll see unique pieces there.
The floral dresses also come in other floral prints and designs. I love them all. Think I'll go floral crazy this Christmas.
Also check out their collection of lace dresses. They're dressier and more formal than florals but just as feminine and sweet.
The big shoulder and puffy shoulder trend is making its way back into the fashion scene. The ApparelAffair hasn't missed out on this of course.
And this same dress can be worn two ways, with the zipper behind or infront. :)

TheApparelAffair is offering Free Local Normal Postage all year round.
THE JOY OF CHRISTMAS PROMOTION: ALL apparels from #101 to #413 are only at S$22.90 per apparel. (*not valid for further discount*)

Especially for my Readers:
Don't miss out on getting an even better deal!
Get 15% off total bill with purchase of 2 apparels OR 5% off if only purchasing 1 apparel. Just simply quote the code HJ2111.
My readers will also be entitled to membership [this gives you discounts etc] with the purchase of 3 apparels in a single invoice (the usual is 4 apparels).

Ok, next post- I just shot a video on how to do Party Tricks. Will edit it this afternoon. Now.. have to go Bedok to have lunch with mom and dad.


  1. u look so sweet wearing that dress...

  2. Anonymous12:53 pm

    check the weather before u come holly...its really cold and windy right here in perth atm...dont forget to bring along a few cardies n pashminas just incase xo.

  3. :) no worries.. i'll just jump from the car right through grandma's front door. lol.

    But yes, i'm bringing warmer clothes too.. esp for the days where we'll be walkin abt margaret river etc.


  4. Anonymous6:46 pm

    its summer and raining heaps in perth now.
    so says all my friends
    when i last left, it was pretty hot

    def not spring

  5. Anonymous7:47 pm

    nope.. I'm in Darwin. It's still Spring here in Australia.

    The official start of summer in Perth is December, finishing 3 months later at the end of February. The weather is warm to hot over the summer months, although the hottest months are usually January and February.

  6. Anonymous11:43 am

    Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.


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