Free INQ Mini 3G Mobile Phone

For those who did not manage to go down to the INQ roadshow at Plaza Singapura last week... good news is... you can still get your INQ Mini 3G mobile phone ... at $0!

You will still enjoy Free registration and Free SIM card charge... so it's REALLY is $0 to get your new phone. And also 3 free battery covers... so you can change the colour of your phone anytime. This same E-voucher is now redeemable at all hello stores till 30 Nov 2009. (Click It To Print It)


  1. M1user10:05 pm

    ahhhh.. i can't get this deal because i'm still with M1 and cant cancel my contract yet

  2. Anonymous4:17 pm

    hi hj! any idea wad kinda plans mus we sign up? those 80++/mth or those 20+/mth also can get it at $0?


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