OK leaving for Perth early tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see everyone there... and also have romantic evenings with Mark on the vineyards (I must have been to Perth like 10 times in my life, mostly as a child, but I've never been to the vineyards at Margaret River before).

Will get hold of an internet connection as often as I can, and upload pics and tell you stuff :)

Meanwhile... I've prepared a bumper post of random stuff that might interest you.. so you won't have to go cold turkey until my next post. Me so good to youuuuu. :D

This is the Mortley Crew in Perth. This pic was taken 8 years ago!!! Time flies! Costume party, otherwise they look pretty normal. Loud (!)... but normal. :)

Actually, not everyone is in this picture... the whole family consists of my mom's 4 brothers and sisters, plus their spouses and kids, so I have almost 20 cousins there. 2 of those cousins are already married, and have 5 more little kids altogether. And there's my grandmother too. Big happy family.

This week on MyFatPocket, my sex column is on Secrets To The Female Orgasm

(Click to read).

Now that my eyelashes have grown back... I'm looking for a new place to do my eyelash extensions. :) The previous one I used to frequent was Vain Beauty, and well.. even though I liked the barbie lashes they did on me and their lashes last a long time (more than a month! Well worth the $50!), I did look like a fright when they finally came off! Maybe their glue is too strong.

So, my next quest is to find my new eyelash place! Just checked out this new place called Nailz Treats at #04-42 Far East Plaza. Their eyelash extension costs $59. I did it, looks natural. I did the 8mm one instead of 12mm which I used to do a Vain Beauty.
The staff there are friendly and all speak english (not china workers), so that's good. They also have nail extensions and stuff... worth checking this place out if you like mani-pedis at good prices.

But they don't do the individual lash extensions (like the ones I did in Bandung), they do it in clumps of 3 strands. This place is pretty good, I have no complaints, but I will go on checking places out.

Here's one of the make-up tutorials I did in colaboration with MyFatPocket and ettusais. Enjoy!!! Will share the other videos with you soon.

Joke :)

Three hookers are in a bar. The first hooker said,"I bet you five pounds that I could put three fingers up my pussy."Then the second hooker said, "I bet I could put my whole fist up my pussy I've been f****d that much!"The third hooker said nothing and just slid down the stool.


Ok, that's all folks! I need to go pack. See you when I see you!


  1. Anonymous4:23 pm

    I love walking down the vineyards with mu hubby in Alsace, France. I agree, it is beautiful, and a real experience. Have a fantastic and romantic time with Mark!

  2. great to know that you have been back with Mark. Been following ur blog for some time and personally, i felt that he's very compatible with u...

  3. Anonymous5:53 pm

    I don't get the joke man!!! HAHAHAHA

  4. pearly7:52 pm

    yeewww yeeewww at the joke! *lol*

    have a great trip down under!

  5. Anonymous10:39 pm

    Bon voyage, HJ, have a nice and unforgettable lovey dovey with Mark on the vineyards.*eewww jeaous*

  6. i love your face figures! :)

  7. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Im sorry but I think you look like a man. No offence! Some people think manly features are a good thing

  8. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Face figures?? Face features?

  9. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Face figures?? Face features?

  10. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Hi Holly! Mind recommending places to visit in Perth in March? And places to shop at? :)

  11. Anonymous12:35 am

    honestly i think u will look much more gorgeous if u seriously consider doing something to ur skin....u have great features ... esp ur big eyes


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