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I've got a new dress (sponsored by FashionPod ).Loving it. It's similar to the dress from Victoria Beckham's collection... The bottom of the waist skirts out. Very feminine and pretty. Mine's in a shimmery denim blue and tailored for asian proportions!Was at the White Rabbit at Dempsey on Saturday night. Service in the restaurant was poor, as usual. But the food I had that night was fab!!!
I didn't order a starter because my main course was a beef tenderloin topped with Foie gras! My starter and main course rolled into one. Excellent. And the beef was super duper tender and tasty.For dessert it was creme brulee which was just right... I remember having their deconstructed version of the black forest cake there the last time, and it scarred me. I haven't had another slice of black forest since.
Haven't been there in months... and now they have these huge white chairs and tables in the back yard.
Gives it a very Alice In Wonderland feel. I like!

Next up... I'm going to visit my grandma, my favourite cousin and all the gang in Perth. Think I'll go in the last week of November... I have to be back by the 5th of Dec for Sarah's wedding.
Not going to stay with my cousin this time, because Mark is travelling with me, and we'd like the privacy of our own place. Might spend 3 nights in Perth City (visiting relatives, shopping, eating, casino), and then the next 3 nights on some vineyard.... either Swan Valley or Margaret River.
Any recommendations on hotels to stay in Perth City? Or the vineyard stay?? Car rentals?? Any input is much appreciated...(bear in mind that all this is pretty last minute bookings already, so you can forget about me booking farm stays and such).
I don't want to do Freo, Rotto etc... done it when I was a teenager... but haven't lived on a vineyard before... so I would like to do that.


  1. Anonymous5:19 pm

    wow you get to travel all the time. how i envy u.

    dress looks cute on you.

  2. i love the white rabbit! yummy steak and foie gras. *stomach growls*

  3. Anonymous12:15 am

    Hi Holly-Jean,

    I love your dress and am an avid reader of your wonderful blog and tales of life! However, after reading an article on 'mypaper', today, I feel so compelled to mentioned about why one should try to stop consuming foie gras.

    I, myself, am surprise that I would even be bothered about these "animal rights" subjects as I love my meat! But here I am typing a comment because I felt so disgusted after reading how the ducks are stuffed with food to make sure it gets fat so that the liver can produce the fat around it. Some ducks even explode upon having been fed too much.

    I wish to pass the message around and I hope to start with an entry in your comments so that other readers are informed too.

    If you're interested, please google about it. :)
    However, of course I'm not gonna call u cruel if you dont wish to give up this delicacy of yours! Just hoping to pass the message around.


  4. wesley's friend8:34 am

    For Margaret river: I've been to so many vineyards and the best is voyager estate. The food and scenery is unforgettable!

    Do check out scandalford, xanadu is ok..,leeuwin estate has nice grass patches, cape mentelle is pretty decent

    Do drop by the chocolate factory too!

    For Swan valley. Do drop by Mallard Duck Cafe! Small and does not look very appealing outside but definitely worth a try. :)

  5. to wesley's friend- whoohoo! thanks a lot for that!

    This holiday is going to be a fab treat!

  6. Anonymous10:55 am

    Car rental: check out bayswater car rentals. Pretty affordable and they have unlimited miles!

  7. hey holly,

    just a suggestion, because we all know that a holiday must be inexplicably fab!

    1. do drop by the berry farm in margaret river. it is an incredibly charming place where you get loads of bluebirds flying around freely. The scones are divine, with the homemade jam and cream. The bluebirds actually dive into your pot of cream. life doesn't get any better than this!

  8. hi Holly,

    may i know how u define good restaurant service? i would like to know because i want to be a waiter soon. and i would like to do my job well u see.


  9. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Ditto Gwen! Cos of ur huge love for foie gras n da fact i dun freaking know what it is but felt really curious on trying it (cos u made it sound sooo heavenly), i googled it.

    I found da exact same info on foie gras. I was honestly appalled by the cruelty imposed on these animals for human pleasure's sake. Ive never given a hoot abt animals but the cruelty
    is far too inhuman this time that i told myself never to try it.

  10. Anonymous11:32 am

    Hello to Perth!

    For hotels within Perth City,

    I feel Burswood Intercontinental isn't too shabby.

    There is also Duxton hotel:

    Rydges Hotel Perth

    P.S Don't forget to bring a fly swatter, the flies are out in full force : P


  11. Anonymous11:16 pm
    great for last minute bookings + cheap kick ass prices.

    if ur going down to margaret river, why not stop by busselton (longest pier in the southern hemisphere)

    or take a drive to bridgetown or try the treetop walk at walpole

    winkwink foiegraslover

  12. for car rentals, you should stick to m2000 ( they have the lowest prices i'm pretty sure but unless you're renting it for 1 week then bayswater have good 1 week special deals (

    for op shops or little boutique shopping (unlike shopping centers or chain boutiques), you can walk around leederville, mount lawley or subiaco. the shops are located at random places and there are only a few in each area hence u need to walk around abit. ive mentioned but worth a try i'm sure you'll like them. if you have a car you might even be able to go to all 3 places in 1 day(take note it closes at 5).

    if you're into farm stay, you can stay at the town of harvey(which i think is where our harveyfresh milk come from)

    if you're gonna be here over the weekend, u can check out those kinda "flea market" where pple drive down and store their car boot with stuff they wanna sell and set up little stalls. but it starts at like 7am? till maybe 10 or 11am latest on a sunday. check this out

  13. It's a little late... but "The bottom of the waist skirts out" is called a peplum! Just in case you didn't know. =D

  14. oh.. I didn't know that! Peplum. :) thanks apple5


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