100 Things To Do Before I Die

Here's Holly Jean's list of Things To Do Before I Die.

The ones I've completed are in RED. How many have you done?

1. Sky Dive or Bungee Jump
2. Go On A long epic Train Ride (like the trans-Siberian Express across Russia-Mongolia-asia)
3. Ride A camel
4. Learn To Dance (properly)
5. Get Married
6. Become a Mother
7. Learn to Ski
8. Learn to Swim
9. Learn to Surf
10. Go white water Rafting
11. Run a blog
12. Go Up in a hot air balloon
13. See the F1 race
14. Attend a Really huge concert
15. Grow a garden
16. Write A Book (anything.. maybe memoirs, maybe self-help. or kids book)
17. Learn To drive (It's on the cards.. but I'm not in a hurry to learn this one)
18. Ride a roller coaster
19. Climb the great Pyramid of Egypt
20. Have sex at the turn of the new year
21. Go on an African Safari
22. Drink a flaming Lamborghini
23. Ride in a Lamborghini
24. Climb a Mountain (hopefully Mt Kinabalu early next yr)
25. Go to "The Beach" from the movie "The Beach"
26. Give Blood
27. Get a tattoo
28. Spray Grafitti on a public wall
29. Invent my own cocktail
30. Get extremely drunk
31. Use a fire extinguisher (it was during a drama project to create fog!)
32. Join The Mile High Club
33. Shoot a rifle
34. Spend a week sailing at sea
35. Build a huge Snowman
36. Get a degree
37. Do nude shots
38.Get Therapy (to better understand myself)
39. Bury a time capsule (with instructions for my kids to open it when I die)
40. Host a proper cocktail party
41. Lose my virginity
42. Take someone's virginity
43. Have sex in public
44. Go Camping
45. Research my family tree (did this as part of my anthropology paper at university)
46. Get my fortune told
47. Rescue and raise a wild animal from birth
48. take a helicopter ride
49. Pet a baby lion/tiger
50. Buy a strange man a drink at a club
51.Watch the sun rise
52. Finish a crossword puzzle in the DailyMail without cheating
53. Sew my own clothes and wear them
54. Experience a One Night Stand
55. Cry my heart out
56.Take part in the Amazing Race Asia!
57. Visit New York, New York.
58. Ride an elephant
59. Kiss an elephant
60. Go Fishing (boring! but at least I tried it)
61. Tell someone I love them
62. Gamble at a table in a casino (only did slots before, afraid of the table)
63. Go on a proper Road Trip
64. Spend a whole day making love without leaving the house
65. Sell stuff at a flea market/ garage sale
66. Get Personal Training
67. Go out sans underwear
68. Fall asleep under the stars
69. Experience heart break
70. Watch TV the whole day
71. Laugh until it hurt
72. Punch someone
73. Visit a very poor depressing country like India
74. Invent something
75. Learn how to change a car tire
76. Smile at a stranger
77. Kayak through caves
78. Write a love poem
79. Work on a big charitable project
80. See the Vatican
81. Learn to pole dance
82. Have ex-sex
83. Cry in Public
84. Win Something
85. Swim with Dolphins
86. Paint my whole room hot pink
87. Go to Hollywood
88. Get pink hair extensions
89. Fly in a jet plane
90. Design and wear my own shoes
91. Have a HUGE walk in wardrobe
92. Teach my children how to read
93. Make my children smile
94. Walk on a catwalk
95. Be on a magazine cover
96. Get kicked out of a club
97. Go on a luxury cruise
98. Experience Weightlessness
99. Save a Life
100. Love.

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  1. Can u get me a membership at the Mile High Club when u get one lol

  2. Anonymous10:27 pm

    I saw the Sally Hanson Nail polishes - Insta-Dry at Watson today.

    Per bottle cost abt $12 ++...

    Perhaps can tell us how was the product?Teehee..thks in advance.

    Was reading a novel about an old lady trying out 100 things to do before she pass on...

    Sound interesting to make a pact with yourself for the to-do lists before you pass on.

    Anyway, good one for no.42 Take someone's virginity and no.72. Punch someone...lmao

    As for No.64. Spend a whole day making love without leaving the house...The aftermath is undescribable...lol

  3. Anonymous10:34 pm

    Hi HJ, just an observation. Are u a creative artsy type of person? You've got a lot of loud stuff on your pink wall which suggests you have a haphazard type personality? Am I right?

  4. Kuen Keat- haha.. good one!

    Anon 10.27- just tried them colours are vibrant, and the nail polish itself is rich and creamy which I like. 1 coat seems enough. The colours do turn out darker than it looks in the bottle.

    brush is thicker than the usual nail varnish brushes. so tht takes a bit of getting used to. But other than tht, it's great. Dries quick on the nails... like 30 secs max.

    anon 10.43- no sure abt haphazard.. lol.. but i do like a lot of visual stimulation and colour.

  5. wah babe, you are really patient to have done the list! (:

    surprising you have not watch a sun rise before though!

  6. Anonymous6:01 am

    What on earth did u do to get urself kicked out of a club????

  7. haha.. it was ages ago.. i must have been only 18 or 19 then.

    It was at Newsroom Bar,on Md Sultan road. (Md Sultan used to be such a happening place for pub hopping before the new Clark Quay strip came)

    Anyway... Ladies night at Newsroom. My girlfriend (not F, but N) and I were there. Some of her guy friends came.. must have been like 4 of them. but all young. Like younger than me even, cos my friend N is a couple of years younger n these boys were from her batch in school.

    And we snuck them drinks. As in the FREE ladies night drinks. The staff caught on and kicked the lot of us out. HAHA. How stupid of me... not to mention so bloody embarrassing.lol

    That was the last time I went to Newsroom.


    I have seen the sun in the early morns... but i have never made it a point to wake up like at 5, sit on a blanket on a hill.. in the pitch dark... and watch the sun actually rise up.

  8. Anonymous11:46 am

    visit some VERY POOR DEPRESSING country LIKE INDIA?


    how much more politically incorrect and ignorant can you get.

    and that's on the same frivolous list you write about going out sans underwear. hahah.

  9. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Hey you have done all the slutty things on the list :-P good on you gal!

  10. that's an interesting list. although i don't understand why you call India poor and depressing? thought that was so ignorant of you.

  11. I meant tht I want make a trip to a country like India and be on the streets amidst the poverty. Not go there and simply stay at the best hotels, eat at their best restaurants and mingle among the small percentage of the very very wealthy there.

    I think it will be a good experience for me.

  12. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Is anal in the list?

  13. Anonymous5:35 pm

    anony 4.29pm,

    Yeah , anal on you, how about that?I bet you love that, don cha?!

  14. Anonymous4:18 pm

    excuse me? poor DEPRESSING country like india? have you watched documentaries re colour and vibrancy india has to offer. just look at their epic long weddings. not a good example i think.

  15. Anonymous8:00 pm


    How about joining to finish some of your non yet done in your list?

    Some of them are the same as my to-do list :)



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