Random Pics Of My Day

Hellooo... today is supposed to be the day that I get work done. Clear my editorials and arrange all meetings for the next 2 weeks. But it's mid day and nothing is done yet.
This is what I had for lunch at the HongKong tea house place. Yes, alone. I actually quite like just sitting down to a quiet yummy lunch alone now.

I'm supposed to visit F in Indonesia over the weekend... but because my life is in such a limbo right now... I cannot even plan and commit to this weekend. Imagine that! It's already Monday.

Think If I am able to go, I'll only book my flight the day before , on Friday. :(

Then Malaysian airlines is supposed to confirm my sponsored trip to climb Mount Kinabalu but I haven't heard from them, so looks like I will have to push it to next year because November December January months aren't good for climbing apparently because it's wet.

On top of that I do want to visit my family in Perth. Missing my cousin O and grandma too. And another cousin just gave birth this year and I haven't seen the baby.
This is me on my way to lunch... check out my pink leather wrist band. Cute! It's from Happy Burgers. I haven't worn my new dress yet!
I've also gotten used to not having eyelash extensions. My own lashes have started growing back (thank God!)... and I do think I look more natural and fresh. I'm not even using mascarra today! Just my ettusais blusher (RD1), eyepencil, and lipgloss. Haven't showed you the 4 new baby Quaker Parrots in the family. They get along so well together, they're damn cute. Every morning they will perch on this stick obediently, waiting to be fed by syringe. Cute right!?
Been using this honey HAIR mask from Komachi. Yummy...
My room is in a mess. But I really don't feel like doing anything about it. And Bailey is fast asleep so he won't play with me.
That's all the updates this afternoon :)


  1. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Hi Holly. It's great that you're keeping busy, and enjoying the your independence at lunchtime, etc.

    I couldn't help but wonder if you had thought about getting some kind of formal job soon? I know you love blogging and keeping busy with events, but after the recent blog awards, what are your plans for the year ahead and beyond?

  2. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Hi holly,

    Being limbo due to....recent break up/life/work?

    Hi anon 8.20pm,

    I couldn't help but wonder is there any wrong with being a full-time/part time blogger?

    Is really holding a full time job at private /government sector is REALLY secure?

    Hmm just wondering...

    To each his/her own. I think.

  3. Honestly.... I don't intend to get a formal job. formal in the sense of rigidity.

    My blog and part time teaching have been able to sustain me so far. :)

    But I am looking at other things to keep me occupied and generate income. Maybe expand the blogshop... maybe start something new altogether.


    anon 9.57- yes.. in Limbo due to
    -> recent break up ( have been on track to get married have kids, start a new phase of life)...

    -> choices moving forward after break up

    -> schedule in terms of travel plans

    -> a few blog work related commitments.

    It's all in limbo because the bulk of my commitments in life and blog work is related to who I am with/will be with.

    I can make concrete plans moving forward if I know I'm going to be single. But it's not so easy, as there is someone in the picture here.

    yet tht's not reached a point where it's stable enough to make my plans around it.

    :S have I confused you yet?

  4. Anonymous12:50 am

    Those are some cute parrots.

  5. Anonymous1:48 am

    Hey HJ, im sorry if this is rather personal. You can choose not to answer if u don't wish to do so. But do u always have protected sex like 100% of the time?

  6. protected as in I was on the pill. yes. up to 3 months ago.

    I don't engage in casual sex. but def u shld use a condom if you have casual sex.

  7. Anonymous2:27 pm

    What does the pills do?

  8. Anonymous5:13 pm

    Anon 2.27 you put the pill on the end of the man's penis before you have sex - if it doesn"t fall off you won"t get pregnant

  9. well said Anon 5.13

  10. Anonymous11:22 am

    Does it mean Holly could have STDs? Since she only prevented getting pregnant and not the virus and bacterias?


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