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Happy Children's Day!

Yes, my eyelashes are still non-existent. [ It's only been a day... so patience HJ! ]

My friend G is visiting his brother in Vietnam until Sunday. And since I'm not dating anyone else at the moment... I've got a free weekend. Which is great.. so I don't have to go to too many places with my Martian looking eyes.

I could broaden the horizons a bit and start dating more men. But I don't think I want to do that now. Plus I already went through the multiple dating and juggling phase before my last relationship... and boy was it a mess!


Mark(my ex) flies back to Singapore today. Should we meet?
and do what? Sit down with him just to reminisce about the past and good times we had. What would be the point of it?

Yet... I've learnt a lot from my relationship with him, especially when we split up. Would it be wise to rekindle anything? I don't know... I think that when I'm in a relationship, I'm stubborn... and I don't give up on something so easily. But when it's over, and I tell myself, my mind and my heart that it's over..... a big piece of magic that once was the crux of the relationship... disappears.

That is something that I cannot get back, no matter how much he (or I) change. When an intense relationship ends, you cannot just pick up where you left off. Everything gets thrown off tangent.

Now that I think about it, there are some things I would change about myself because I see how flawed I was in the relationship. Yet.... there are some other things I would not settle for now... even though I did in the past.

You know? Like everything has changed. The good along with the bad.


I watched Dr Oz on the late show (Letterman) last night. I first came to know about Dr Mehmet Oz through the Oprah show yonks ago. And the very first time I set eyes on Mehmet and heard him speak... I thought he was hot!

(yeah.. he's married with 2 grown up daughters by the way!)

Well anyway, is it just me that finds this Dr Oz guy sexy? Not in a Chippendale's-strip-to-a-g-string-but-haven't-got-a-brain way... but more like an oooh Doctor kind of way.
Well anyway... before I get carried away...

My point is, I watched him last night and I didn't feel the same attraction I used to. I thought his laugh was awkward, and what he had to say was boring. Strange. Maybe it's because he was wearing a suit and not his usual Scrubs.

or maybe, just maybe... I've gone off older men?? (doubt it. Though I am a dating non-older man now)


Today, I've got to work on my editorial pitch for the next 3 months worth of columns for MyFatPocket

And I've got Personal training session tomorrow morning... and I teach in the afternoon. I 've been toying with the idea of opening my own little gym.... work in my gym all day, engage personal trainers for clients.... and have time to work on my blog when I'm just sitting at the counter... I'd be in heaven.

But not sure.. doesn't seem like gyms make a lot of money here. especially small ones. There's no gym in pasir ris except a tiny community centre one (very tiny, the size of my bedroom)... so like maybe in WhiteSands, or downtown east. Would you join my gym?

Anyone have any ideas or proposals? Let me know. Of course I don't have the capital, but I can approach Mark for it (provided it's a good plan with a good return on investment ).

I'm ready for a new adventure.


  1. Anonymous6:00 pm

    so you are dating G? or just friends?

    have your readers ask you out? I bet they have.

    You should hold a contest. give 5 dates to your male readers. see how it goes?

  2. Anonymous7:30 pm

    what about female readers?
    i wonder have ya made out with G?
    lets play the "guess what g stands for"game


    lol do i get a prize for most enterprising?

  3. Anonymous10:00 pm

    I really hope the above comments are jokes. Otherwise I just lost faith in humanity.

  4. Anonymous10:24 pm

    anon 7.30pm,

    If you are a guy, see the letter "L" in my finger, GO FIGURE!

    Hmm...if you are a gal, i presume you could be jealous?!

    Hmm...if you are just some troublemaker, trying to make create fun in other people's blog, GO GET A LIFE!


  5. anon 6pm - nah.. don't think I'll give away dates as prizes to my readers.. haha... there might be no takers!


    yup, it's gerhard. But no prizes for that lol... it's just his name, not something top secret you've discovered :)

    anyone can get that from the links to grandstand that i provided in that F1 post.

    I often refer to my friends on my blog by initials only. like my best friends F and N.

    anon 10pm

    relax. I'm sure those comments were made with some attempt at humour. :)

    anon 10.24
    thank you for that. :)

  6. pasir ris has no gym - only beaches and parks. if you're really on, you can try the tampines stadium gym?

    also, i highly believe that we are changed by each r/s we go through. I actually broke up with my best friend for about 6 months and then we reconciled and both of us learnt so much from it. now we are stronger friends than ever before.

    learning from our mistakes is the best thing ever! why not give it a go again with M, with a choice to change for the better, for yourself, of course, and ultimately affect those around you?

    don't give up Holly!

  7. Anonymous3:21 am

    If you were to start a gym, I would join! I've been wanting to get a gym membership but I'm reaaaally busy to head to Tampines or wherever else just for that reason.

  8. Anonymous3:21 am

    If you were to start a gym, I would join! I've been wanting to get a gym membership but I'm reaaaally busy to head to Tampines or wherever else just for that reason.

  9. Anonymous3:21 am

    If you were to start a gym, I would join! I've been wanting to get a gym membership but I'm reaaaally busy to head to Tampines or wherever else just for that reason.

  10. Anonymous7:18 am

    yesyes, i would want a body like yours. :D


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