Morning Sex, Anyone?

I don't like late nights out (if I can help it). I am a lark. A morning person. I get up relatively early (about 7.30am) even though I don't have to go to work. I absolutely love lying in bed talking and snuggling for a while before starting my day.
But one thing I don't like in the morning is Sex.

That's right. Not a fan of morning sex.

Though I think most men do love a quickie in the morning??? (you tell me). I suppose it's because testosterone levels peak between 6 and 11 am in men, which explains why so many guys wake up with a hard on. [Did you also know that healthy men get 3 to 5 erections while they're sleeping?!]

I however, wake up with morning breath, feeling dehydrated (especially if I've been drinking the night before), my mouth is parched so I don't feel like doing anything with it.... on top of all that, I probably need to pee but am too lazy to go to the bathroom just yet.

And morning sex just feels rushed.

Night time sex however... is great. There's no rush. Everyone's all clean, showered, comfy and ready for bedtime. It's the perfect way to end a day. And you can roll off to sweet sleep after.

It's been a while since I gave you my top 10 list. So here it is...

If you are really keen on morning sex, here's how you can try to get your partner into it.

Holly Jean's Top 10 Ways to Get Morning Sex Out Of Someone Who Hates It

1. Wake her up with gentle kisses face/chest/shoulders

2. Keep chewing gum or breath mints on the bedside table.

3. Have a nice cold glass of water handy (yes, unfortunately, that means get out of bed to get it done)

4. Wake up a bit earlier, so your partner won't feel like she has to rush through sex to get you (or herself) to work on time

5. Get her in the right frame of mind by telling her how sexy she is in the morning

6. Foreplay. Get her ready for it. Otherwise it'll be like trying to stuff a cucumber through a keyhole!

7. Have lube ready on the bedside table.

8. Spoon her and kiss her sensually at the back of her neck

9. Deprive her of sex the night before :(
10. If all else fails, then furiously hump her back until she gives in


Tomorrow we'll talk about faking orgasms! :)


  1. Haha i really hate the morning breath. Is it possible to wake up without it?

  2. Anonymous3:59 am

    I love to wake up by a nice blowjob. haha! but, it was only happened at my birthday when my ex-gf forgot to buy me a gift. lol!!!!

  3. Morning sex would be nice once in a while.. Sometimes it like, a wake up call, you know? Lol..

  4. JAPB, i'll be hitting the snooze a lot :P

  5. Anonymous1:29 pm

    HEY Holly! I'm sorry but one thing you said was wrong! The morning hard on, or morning wood, or morning glory, has no known causes as of yet. but then again, your hypothesis might actually turn out to be true! =D

  6. "Deprive her of sex the night before :(" lol funny one Holly Jean!

  7. Anonymous5:36 pm

    #10- LOL!!!... The rest-- very true, totally agree :)

  8. Well I guess it all depends who you're with. Good to know that about you though, Holly.

    Oh...and that thing about erections....True!

    Have a good one...


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