Flying off For The Weekend

I'm off for the spend some time with my best friend in Bandung, Indonesia.

Thought I'd be able to squeeze in one post here before I fly off... but time is a bit too tight... I gtg :(

If you're bored, you can read THIS on couples halloween costumes.

I hope the shopping there is good (factory outlets etc).... but mostly, I just want to be with my friend. So much has been going on in my life. I just need a bit of warmth, and a bit of honest advice and grounding. And I know I can get that from her.

Plus, it'll be a lot of fun.

Shitty thing is, her new house doesn't have the internet yet... and you know how like my life revolves around it! Will get to an internet cafe everyday and try to keep u updated.

Hugs to everyone. I'll be back Monday.
(and don't worry about nasty people on my tagboard, I'm ok, I'm used to it)


  1. Be sure to visit Jakarta too, since it's only a 1 hour drive from Bandung. Don't forget to try the brownies in Bandung! They are really famous for it in Indonesia and also if you are visiting Jakarta, be sure to drop by the mall Mangga Dua otherwise known as ITC, since you like to shop a lot, and it's really cheap there!

    P.S Frits here, your ex-student, the absent one. Have always been reading your blog

  2. Anonymous11:10 am

    did you know theres a song named holly jean - astroninja? heard it on 98.7fm o.O

  3. eeeks... Fritz.. i didn't see your comment until just.
    I haven;t had the Internet all weekend.

    Enjoyed Bandung... loved the outlet shopping!!! and yes the brownies.. saw them everywhere.. but I don't eat brownies :( wat a waste.

    maybe next time :)

    anon11.10 , yes, I do know the song you're referring to . Was written for me a few years ago, I went out with Levan ... erm... a few times. :) just good friends now.

  4. Anonymous12:29 am

    hey holly.

    how do you deal with criticisms?

    faith :)


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