My Birthday Giveaways ! ( SONY Jienne Headphones)

It's 1 week to my birthday this weekend! I'm spending the weekend in Malacca with my BF.. (I want to explore my Peranakan heritage! Actually, I just want to spend alone time with him, it's been a hectic few weeks!)

And today I'm spreading my birthday cheer by sharing some nice gifts with you.

I have 6 Sony's new Jienne headphones to give away. They're super stylish and come in a mad range of colours! It's designed for the fashionably chic and of course you can count on the Sony tradition of providing excellent sound quality.

There are 2 pairs of the MDR-EX80LP In-ear headphones - Made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA gems (retails at $59 each).

These are so pretty and Bling!!! Will go great with your audio devices, lap top... etc..

And 3 pairs of MDR-EX40LP In-ear headphones – (retails at $39 each)

These are Candy coloured for the cute and quirky.

You want a pair for free?

Here's how...

From today until my birthday on 26th September...
Post a facebook Birthday Greeting to me on my wall. At the end of the message, do leave the link

Or Tweet a birthday message to me and leave the link . You must tag me @hollyjean69 in your Tweets, otherwise I will never see the message.

I will pick 5 random winners from Facebook and Twitter, at the end of my birthday on the 26th and announce it on my blog. You may participate in this giveaway on both twitter and facebook platforms to increase your chances of getting picked.

- This giveaway is open to those living in Singapore only.
I can't confirm the model and colour you'll be getting... maybe SONY will let you choose your favourite.
Thank You SONY!


  1. Anonymous2:55 pm

    omgosh! I luv the bling ones!

  2. Cheweh4:05 pm

    Trust a women who know what she want at 30. 20 maybe still an experiment but 30 is where all the action come through. Happy birthday Jean

  3. erm. I dunno how to leave a link for my twitter message but username's eclipsed_tales. XD

  4. Anonymous5:13 pm

    "Actually, I just want to spend alone time with him..."


    Don't forget to bring the 'necessaries'. Just in case...

    haha... Enjoy yourself, HJ!

  5. @Kiwi... u dont have to give me the link... but as long as your TWEET message included " @hollyjean69" within the message, it will be visible to me when I choose the winning msgs on Sunday nite.

  6. Sarah8:43 pm

    What a day to share the bundle of joy with your viewers by giving... Happy Birthday Holly... Love Sarah


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