SONY VAIO W REVIEW & Win One Yourself!

You know what? It's kinda disappointing.
I've fallen behind in votes. Like.. Mega Falling behind.

Bagaholic boy has managed to rally 400plus votes from his readers, and I've got about 200 plus. When I first saw this today, I thought.. wow.. his blog must be popular, he must get twice the amount of hits I do.

But then I went to check, and actually, it isn't so. I have at least a thousand more daily hits than he does. It's just that less of my readers bothered to support me.
This makes me worried now about the blogawards as well... because maybe I didn't get the support I thought I did. :S
But at least for the blogawards, I can't see who has voted. But for facebook, it's shown. The only thing suckier than not getting a vote is hearing some people tell me- I've voted for you babe, when actually, I went to look and they didn't. *sad laugh at myself*
But Life Goes On!
Spent the last couple of weeks with the Vaio W... and here's my video and review.
The Sony VAIO W review. Even though I spend a lot of time on the computer, I am no gadget geek. I don't know what Rams are or what exactly they do. But what I do know is whether a product looks great, works well and enhances my lifestyle.
The Sony VAIO W mini notebook is the latest in the netbook market and retails at Sgd$899. Beautifully rounded and compact, it comes in 3 colours, like the neopolitan ice-cream; pink, white and brown. All these yummy colours have their matching mouse, pouches and accessories in the VAIO W series. This ultra-portable baby tips just over the 1kg scale (1.19kg including battery) and is 1.3 inches thick. But this tiny thing packs enough punch with a whopping 160 GB hard disk, which to me is great because I had another netbook before, and even though I loved that it was so cute and tiny, it only had a 4GB harddisk space, which rendered it pretty much useless when it comes to watching/editing videos or photos. The operating system is Windows XP, and it has all the USB and memory card slots one would need. And as with all VAIOs, it has a slot for my Sony Camera's memory card so it's so convenient to transfer and upload pics anytime, anywhere. Battery life is 2.5 hours. It also has a nifty little built in web cam and mic but of course, that is a common feature in most laptops and netbooks now.

What does set the VAIO W apart from other netbooks however, is the screen and keyboard. The screen is 10.1-inches and Sony has packed in one of its tasty X-black LCDs, assisted by LED technology. Furthermore, it ups the resolution to 1,366 x 768 pixels – larger than the normal 1024 x 600 resolution standard. The colour and contrast are also excellent.
This makes watching videos very pleasureable and not at all a strain. Another advantage of the VAIO W's impressive screen resolution is that you don't have to scroll sideways when viewing websites. My previous netbook was a nightmare when it came to typing long emails or blog posts because I needed fingertips with the precision of a brain surgeon. Truly exhausting and vomit inducing trying to get work done. (If you're going to get a netbook of any kind, make sure you don't get one with a cheap, uncomfortably tiny and unresponsive keyboard. You will definitely regret it)

So I am extremely pleased that the VAIO W has the pebble type keyboard, which means all the keys are isolated. There is also decent spacing between these large and responsive keys. Trust me when I say - It is a dream to type on! (I have no complaints about its touchpad, it's soft and sensitive)
As with all Sony products, attention has been paid to design and quality. The superb screen size and quality, and fantastic keyboard will set the W series apart from the crowd.

And if that isn't enough to keep you beaming, of course, there is the aspirational value of the VAIO brand. Be seen with the best, don't settle for less. :)


Learn more about the Vaio W at its microsite HERE.
If you're creative, you can stand a chance to win a Vaio W in this contest.

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  1. Anonymous8:15 pm

    i dont know, but i personally like bagaholic's review. it is witty without trying to be clever, and tongue-in-cheek without being annoying. his writing actually made me chuckle. you have your target market and he's got his i guess.

  2. Anonymous8:18 pm

    the video is it..

  3. holly an u pls tell bagaholic boy that the past tense of Fit is Fit. Not Fitted!


    Fitted. Cutted. Shitted.

  4. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Fit and fitted are both correct. Fitted used in British English and fit used in American English.

  5. Critical Netizen9:51 pm

    Hi Holly

    I would like to point out that there are flaws in your logic.

    Number of hits per day does not equate to fan/supporters. There are many people who are against you (as seen from their previous comments) who can't wait to read your posts and flame you instead. Hence you should not rely on 'hits' to determine allegiance to you.

    Personally, I would like to vote for you but there are so many obscenities in your postings, and when I compare it with other blogs, the others seem more befitting of being the VAIO Ambassador.

    I hope you take my comments constructively as I am giving a subjective opinion based on how I cast my vote.

  6. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Critical Netizen,

    Do you honestly believe that the majority of the 3000 people who come into Holly Jean's blog every day do it because they hate her and are looking for an opportunity to flame her?

    I don't think everyone is a free as you. I come in here because I like to, not because I hate to. Doesn't make sense.

    And since you are using "logic", then I shld let ppl know that the reason BB has so many votes for the Vaio thing is because he has bribed his readers with Angnes B stuff if he wins. So they are all voting like crazy, hoping to be the winner of the agnes B prize.

  7. Anonymous10:56 pm

    I went to look through that bag blog and I am certain he works in the media...he smells like someone from the magazine industry....but hope, your votes get better! And I voted for you!!!


  8. Anonymous11:26 pm

    At least BB has kept to his own side of the fence and not snooped around and published details of the competition publicly. To be honest I only got to know about BB and your blog through the Vaio medium...and of course been reading into past entries out of interest for both blogs. And you know what? He is every bit deserving of it!

    Being subjective and comparing the efforts spent into this ambassador contest, BB has done better in his reviews and photos - and giving away prizes is something he has done ALL along - so much so as giving away Balenciaga and Roberto Cavalli bags during his blog's anniversary. So people, please think before you spurt.

    Furthermore, the prizes in question were sponsored and not bought out of his own pocket - which does cement the fact that BB is indeed a desirable and fitting candidate in the eyes of those said brands.

    Anyway Holly, you've garnered quite a number of votes yourself too..which isn't all that bad. Not to be curt, but I guess its really too bad your readers just can't be bothered to help you out. Perhaps you should find some incentive too, everyone could do with a little marketing no? Just an honest suggestion.

    All the best,


  9. Anonymous12:09 am

    i voted for bb without even being bothered to try to win his agnes b vouchers as it takes too much effort. i just think he befits the image of vaio w ambassador better. i mean, if i have a prada bag and plan my own travels online a lot, it is nice to know that someone also thinks it is nice that my laptop can fit in there nicely and snugly and that it's all done in style.

  10. Anonymous12:16 am

    Come on, you know what? You're like some pathethic loser trying so damn hard just to beg readers for votes. So desperate for what? You made readers feel like, oh they have no choice bbut to vote for you.. you made them feel obliged to do so. Well, why are you trying so hard? Can't you let readers choose for themselves, who they want to vote for? You sound no different from a whore begging for money or sex.. I pity you, Holly Jean.

  11. Come on, wake up gal! It's about interactivity with your readers and how engaged they are - not just pure eyeballs to your site! Your readers are probably just at your site to view God knows what pictures you post of yourself while their hands are too busy elsewhere to click 'LIKE'.

  12. hi holly.. think u shld know tht the last 3 comments here were from the exact same IP.

    Just pretending to be different people.

    When you want to redo your web, be sure to come to us, we would like to sponsor you.

  13. oh wait. It's the last 4 comments actually, not 3. Up to "Kristy".I smell a rat.Be careful,one person there is out to flame you.

    Want to block?

  14. Don't worry comnet, I know. Not able to block from my comments section though. And I dont delete any comments tht have been made unless its ultra rude.

    WIll update u soon abt web design, but not just yet, have a lot on my plate now. Thnx.


    To answer Kristy, well, its not snooping. the facebook comp is public, everyone can see the stats, and as for Blog stats, ranking etc, that is easily acccessible online too. It's not protected or privilleged info.

  15. Anonymous9:03 am

    Holly - how long has comnet been monitoring IP addresses on your site?

    Is this a one off, or a regular service provided to you?

  16. Anonymous9:45 am

    hi holly I like u babe but for some reason it is a turn off honestly for you to push readers to vote for you. Anon did strike a point when he said not all readers are supporters. I started reading yk's blog, I do find she's bold and opinionated but I won't vote for her for any kind of ambassadorship cos I hate her image portrayed and obscene and ermm rather unattractive pictures.

    All I'm saying is do no take it personally and don't push it. There are people who love u and those who don't quite fancy u. Chin up doll. :)

  17. Anonymous12:55 pm

    the last 4 comments up to Kristy were from the exact same IP? that's funny cos I'm actually not. and is saying hugh jackman is handsome equals to flaming brad pitt? i don't get you, comnet.
    but well, whateva.

    anon 12:09

  18. anon 9.03, no idea but will look into their services and see if I can use any of it.

    anon 9.45 - okie.

    anon 12.09- hmmm.

  19. Anonymous11:43 pm

    hey holly,
    maybe publishing the readership stats wasn't the best thing to do? i honestly feel that BB has a larger readership and perhaps many of his readers don't need to check his blog for daily updates (hence lesser hits). i for one rely on content updates from his facebook notes.


  20. Anonymous12:58 am

    Readership stats/hits aren't private info. It's easily available off the net.

  21. Hi Holly! Did you win? :)

    I hope I did vote for you cos I clicked "like" a few times but the screen didn't update to show if I really voted. :P

    Hey but it's over. Now, hope you win OMY blog award!


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